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    I'm very new to this site so apologies if this has already been discussed to death (I did try and see if it had!) but am needing help with our 12 month mini groodle (golden retriever x poodle)
    She jumps on people any chance she gets. She went it puppy school and was trained with treats and did well but continually jumps.
    I've tried turning my back and she jumps and scratches, I've tried ignoring her and when she gets attention will jump so I'm at a loss.
    We have 2 children 5 & 7 and they try their hardest to manage her jumping but when she's on her hind legs she taller than my 5 year old.

    Any advice would be wonderful we are looking at obedience training (in home) down the track but if anyone has any other suggestions I'd be grateful.


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    Hi 'Donna Brown' and to the forum !

    There are heaps of really informative threads here – including ones about pups jumping - so have a good look around. Just use the search area while you are looking at the names of threads and you should find it easy enough !

    A couple of links for you:

    How to stop your puppy jumping up! - YouTube

    kikopup - YouTube

    Knowledge Base | Steve Courtney Dog Training

    I hope that you enjoy being a member here. smiley-eatdrink004.gif

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    Welcome Donna

    Back in the dark ages - I used to knee a jumping dog in the chest sufficiently hard to flip it over backwards - so it got zero of what it wanted from jumping and probably some pain into the bargain.

    These days - I just grab the puppy by the collar (helps if you've done some "collar grab" training first so they don't freak out), and hold it so it can't jump, until it stops trying to jump and then I release the collar and praise like mad. The second it tries jumping again - which usually happens the second you try to praise and pat... I repeat the collar grab and hold. It usually takes about three repeats or 30 seconds maybe for the puppy to either calm down and accept being praised and patted without jumping (ideal) or get bored and go do something else.

    With your children, you're going to need to supervise the interaction so you can manage the grab and hold on their behalf. I would not be letting them play together unless you can supervise until the puppy has it figured out - no jumping. So some crate training here might help - so you can put the dog in the crate while the kids are playing and you can't supervise.

    You'd need a couple of 2 minutes sessions - with the dog and each child - a day - it will be tedious but as long as you're super consistent - shouldn't take more than a week or two for puppy to get the idea. If you can get your kids to ask for a sit or a drop and reward those positions - that will help too. If puppy is looking a bit excited - they can ask it to do something calming like a nice sit or drop.

    And if the puppy is into fetch the ball or any games like that - ask for a nice calm sit or drop before you throw the ball. If the dog is getting that right - then try to fake the dog into breaking their stay before you throw the ball or tell them they can fetch it... ie gradually increase the difficulty of the self control the dog has to maintain to get you to throw the ball...

    My dog's stays and self control all started in front of her dinner. And then I'd add difficulty to that, like asking for a fetch - past her dinner without stopping to sniff - before she could have her dinner etc. You could introduce a couple of passes by exciting children - dog has to hold a sit stay before you give permission to eat.

    Ignoring doesn't work. For me - yelping didn't work either. Jumping is fun of itself. Like barking. And being scolded - is attention so that's worth the effort too. How do you teach children not to jump up and down on the bed? Grab them by the ear and hold until they calm down? Maybe not. But you don't ignore it - unless it's ok with you cos it's just fun.

    You might want to find a dog training club that does puppy agility foundation classes. Or puppy classes - tho at 12 months most clubs will put the dog into adult class. Except agility - where most foundation is done with no agility equipment (jumps and stuff) for the first 12 to 18 months. There is lots of good training lessons that are done with no agility equipment, like getting your dog to be more aware of the back end (eg teaching paws up a phone book or small box and pivoting around), teaching core strength like sit pretty (beg), backing up, and fancy heel work (backwards, sideways, circle pivots forwards and backwards) or leg weaves. A dances with dogs club is good for lots of trick training too. Helps teach your dog self control, helps teach you how to control your dog, and wears your dog out by exercising the dog's brain, and gives you loads of party tricks to impress friends.

    If you let us know your nearest big city we can help with recommendations for clubs or trainers.

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    Thanks so much for your replies I'm in Melbourne (knox area) she's such a fun loving dog but the jumping really gets to me particularly early morning half asleep and she's jumping constantly!

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