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Thread: Pls recommend dog obedience class - Melbourne

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    Default Pls recommend dog obedience class - Melbourne

    Hi all

    I have a extremely stubborn 1 year old Scottish Terrier I failing to train. He is good boy almost all of the time at home but when it comes to the 'simple' commands or leash walking I have very little luck.

    I am hoping someone would be able to recommend a good obedience school in Melbourne. I do see several of them around but recommendations always help with selecting the right one.

    The ideal place would be within 15 km of the Melbourne CBD. Be even better if they are on the West side.

    Please help before I pull out all my hair.


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    Hi 'Scorpse' and to the forum !

    I would strongly suggest that you get in touch with the trainer on the following link:

    InLine K9 Dog Training and Behavior - Home

    She is also a member of this forum - goes under the name of - 'Nekhbet'.

    Good Luck !

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    Hi Jason,

    Are you looking for an obedience class or in home training?

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    Thanks for the info RileyJ. I will check out the site.

    In home training is a bit pricey. Happy to go down that path if I am not successful with the classes.


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    K9 four paws

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    Hi Scopse

    You might also want to look at Kikopup youtube videos

    The main thing about loose lead walking is to be super consistent. Only proceed forwards while the dog is where you want it. Remember to praise the dog when they are where you want, and for extra effect, an occasional treat - if you want the dog to be along side you - place the treat along side you eg tap the out side of your knee before putting the treat in the dog's mouth.

    If the dog tries to jump for the treat - remove the treat and start over. You need the dog to remain calm and well behaved while you hand over the treat - otherwise you reward all that naughty behaviour too and you will get more of it.

    Practice all the skills you want your dog to have at home first, even if that means doing some practice on lead work at home in the house and back yard. A good place to practice is near a very high value distraction - like a bowl of warm dog dinner. This helps your dog work nicely with distractions outside the home too. You do have to practice from scratch when you go out too but the dog will work out what you want faster if they've got it right at home first.

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