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Thread: doggy obediance

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    Im also old enough to remember entire males being norm. And come from a country where males are not desexed routinely. Where the dogs are all inside dogs and must have manners and training to be so, as there are at least 3 people living in a 2 up 2 down, often with a couple of dogs to boot, and not the small white fluffies either.

    however, there were unwanted pups definately back then.

    Group obedience training: bores the pants off me. And positive only methods? what a crock of shit! IMO. I have dogs that will walk all over you if you try that. Love, boundaries WITH consequences, exercise is what i need to train a dog. And the slowness of most obedience classes is not fast enough for my dogs, they get bored rapidly at training, that i never see when out alone.
    Does mean i have to take them and socialise the heck out of them myself though, especially entire males. But as im a doggie person, who hangs with doggie people, that's easy.

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    Yes, I have to agree I find it somewhat cruel to rob dogs of their sexdrive by desexing them. But don't you think it's worse to leave them their sexdrive but never let them have a go? We desexed ours because it's easier for us to handle and less cruel to the dogs.

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    well most people know what i think.
    don't aggree with desexing. and had a look earlyer today at the post on study done that says desexing actually bad for dogs health..

    and to mymatejacks comment saying its cruel not to desex unless your a registered breeder...
    lol, i've known quite a lot of registered dog breeders, some are good and some shouldn't be.
    just because there not a reg breeder makes someone cruel if they dont desex....
    if there a responsible dog owner, it makes no diff to desex or not. its there choice, not yours to try make someone believe there going to be a cruel person if they dont.
    only diff between a dog owner and a reg breeder is someone went and filled out some extra forms and might of gone and learnt a little more... oh that makes all the difference to make someone a better owner... wow..... no one could possibly learn as much as a reg breeder without becoming a reg breeder..
    oh that took alot to hold back ...

    what the hell. how about we tell all parents they must desex there kids or there a bad parent... LOL

    ps, decided to read rest of posts, sorry just flipped out at first reply and jumped to repying.
    nikhbet - aggree with pritty much everything you said. glad to know not everyone's quick to jump up and slice n dice a pet they claim to love and respect.
    to meny people want to take the easy way, well lifes not easy.. especially for them.
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    It may be the easy way (though I can tell you with absolute certainty that there are a shitload of stupid dog owners out there who only don't desex because they can't be bothered but also don't bother to keep their dogs confined) but if it goes wrong and accidental litters happen it is often the dogs that suffer.

    In rural areas, where people more often don't desex than in the cities, pups get dropped off at the pound, or found at the side of the road sometimes, by the bucket load in summer. And those are the ones whose "owners" don't try to sell them or give them away or throw in the dam. How is that not cruel?

    So I couldn't care less about easy or hard, nor much about some small differences in body structure or whatever. All I want is less unwanted pups and surely there is no better way to achieve that than to encourage desexing?

    I also think the idea that it's cruel to take away a dog's sex drive is anthromorphisising because the dog won't know what he's missing.
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