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Thread: Crate/toilet training - overnight question

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    Default Crate/toilet training - overnight question

    Hi all,

    Have had puppy at home for a couple of days now and working on crate/toilet training.
    We are using a spot in the far corner of my yard to toilet, and I have placed a pee post there.
    So far, seems to be going ok.

    A question about overnight toileting, if I may. Is it possible to toilet on newspaper in the house during the night? Crate is currently in the bathroom, will pup toilet in the bathroom and outside of crate? Few reasons why, if I'm not keen to head out, I'm sure pup isn't either, but the main reasons are is quite dark in the far corner and its difficult to see pup under foot (he's my shadow at the moment) and I am being eaten Alice by mozzies, which I am extremely sensitive to.

    Appreciate your help. Thanks in advance

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    how old is your puppy?

    A puppy that is less than 14 weeks old and maybe less than 18 weeks - can't last all night without a pee stop.

    If you want your dog to go on puppy pads (I found some in "cheap as chips") or newspaper or a bit of astro turf with newspaper underneath... you need to train that too.

    Ideally you have your puppy on lead so you have control and limit where the puppy can be - to your chosen toilet spot until the puppy does what you want and then praise and treat.

    My puppy actually did a perfect pee down the drain hole in the bathroom one time - but I could not get her to do that again. Fluke. Another dog I used to walk would pee in a hole in a board walk - every time we walked that way. So they can do it.

    Ideally if you want your dog to go outside - you rug up against the mozzies - you can get mozzie repellent clothing or just treat a sheet or dressing gown with permethrin and wrap up in that - and keep the puppy on lead. Maybe get a solar light for that corner of the yard so it's lit up. And repeat your training drill out there. Be boring.

    I also use a cue word "shitnapiss" for when I want my dog to toilet. She's not all that swift in response but I think she does know what she needs to do to get back in side. It would probably work better if I used it more often and paired good performance with yummy food treats.

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    What breed is your pup ?

    Maybe have a look at this link:

    Dog Training: House training a puppy or rescue dog - YouTube

    Toilet training does not take forever. Having to get up through the night for a while to take the pup outside to toilet is something all of us have done and we have survived. Set up another toileting place closer - if the mozzies are a problem.

    Look at changing your routine as to when the pup goes to sleep - may help. If there are two of you - split up the times to take the pup out.

    Remember always take pup outside as soon as they wake up, have a drink, have something to eat - and then every half hour or so - particularly during the day.

    As your pup gets older - it will be able to hang on longer. Don't forget to always praise the pup when it toilets correctly - that means day and night. The more 'good pup' messages the pup gets - the quicker they learn what you want them to do !

    Good Luck !

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