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Thread: mouthy puppy

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    Thanks Hyacinth. I've started the telling off for the chewing/nipping thing and I gauge he is slowly catching on. He has improved anyway. I do sense that he tests how much he can get away with as well, before he spends ten minutes or so in timeout. I put him on the balcony, which he sees inside and often cries to come in. After ten minutes I let him in and he is happy as larry. I'm just hoping that if he does something quite disobedient, he learns he will be put in timeout. However, this may be also teaching him that if he cries, he will get let in. Anyway, with any training I guess, it all takes.

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    I've started the telling off for the chewing/nipping thing
    I don't bother with "telling off" - but I do try to prevent / stop it / take all the fun out of it. A dog can perceive your attention and "scolding" as a reward - and do the what ever more because of it. They don't like being held by the collar - not cuddled or picked up - just held off - or being ignored - tho you can't ignore trouser leg chewing - because that's fun by itself.

    Sort of like the cartoon of when big brother puts the palm of his hand on little brother's forehead so little brother can't reach to hit him.

    And then you wait till the puppy notices it's not having any fun any more - 10 to 30 seconds.

    A ten minute time out probably won't make a lot of difference at this age but it will give you some respite. My dog used to go in the crate when I was doing the washing up or cooking because I couldn't do the collar grab hold off thing and I didn't want her anywhere near boiling hot water.

    She also went in the crate when I went shopping.

    It's good to make the crate a fun place to be rather than a place of punishment or time out. Ie put a kong with frozen food in there too or a chewie or something.

    I never go to the dog when she's yelling for attention. If I'm planning on going ASAP - I might let her know immediately - but if she's staying there until I'm good and ready - she gets ignored until she is quiet. Or slightly more assertive - her crate gets covered up so she can't see out until she's quiet. Or I play a version of "what's the time mr wolf" - while she's quiet I will approach (to let her out or treat) but if she starts yelling - I turn around and walk away. If we're at club - I might go back and cover up all the "windows" so she can't see out and repeat.

    With some dogs - they will yell because they can't see you. And others (mine) they will yell because they can see you.

    Beware of rewarding either version.

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    Hi Hyacinth, I appreciate all your information, very helpful. The "telling off" vs holding by the collar makes a lot of sense. Time out is a bit of a flop as well, so will mix up the methods.

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    Be patient and repeat the lessons as often as you need. Try to be consistent. Ie no trouser leg tugging tolerated at all. Not - sometimes it's ok because I'm busy or it's not bothering me that much.

    Most puppies (and some dogs) regard "sometimes ok" as "anytime ok".

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    Hi goggles,

    If you think you've got it bad...let me tell you about my GSD Tara (God rest her soul).

    From 10 wks she started to bite me and I was covered in bites down my arms and legs...I had to wear gloves just to brush her.
    It got so bad I had to wipe aftershave down my arms and spray underarm deodorant down my legs to stop her biting me.

    I was told when she bites you hold her head in your hands and say "no" did that and she bit me harder with those very sharp puppy teeth.
    Not only did she bite me...she chewed everything in sight...even thought she had plenty of toys...I was her chew toy.

    When anyone came she'd go nuts...jumping, biting,etc (sounds a bit like Chloe) I would think at times...what am I going to do with her.
    Then she all but stopped many months later...still went nuts if people came but I could live with that.
    It's a stage they all go through and some are worse than others...but they do grow out of it...just have patience.

    Sorry I can't offer much help...but looking back I wish I had that time over as she was with us a very short time.
    Chloe & Zorro
    Rottweilers and German Shepherds are Family

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    'Eli03' - There are heaps of threads on here with regard to pups biting:

    Have a look at Kikopup’s videos and information links – she covers just about everything you could come across:

    How to train your puppy not to bite - YouTube

    kikopup - YouTube

    English | Dogmantics Dog Training

    Another link for you:

    Steve Courtney Dog Training Free Dog Training Advice Online - Steve Courtney Dog Training -

    Good Luck !

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