It looks like we'll be getting a new foster pup in a week's time. A 7 month old large crossbreed boy. Who hasn't lived with cats before. Not my first choice, but I don't want to be too picky, so I'll just have to make this work.

My cat got very stressed by having the kittens here and we're expecting a new lot on the same day to, so they'll now stay locked in my daughter's bedroom and/or the garage. She got mildly stressed by the previous pup chasing her, especially in the backyard. Helped by Banjo sometimes too! There's something about making the cat jump on the fence that they seem to find irresistible. The cat does quite like dogs and knows she can easily get away from them.

I have been a bit too casual about the pets mingling previously and I'm determined to do it right this time. And I will need some progress fast because I only have a week off before I have to leave dogs and cat home alone. The cat will have my bedroom as a safe spot and I am building her a walkway along the side fence with safe perches too. But still, I will want to drill this pup into behaving appropriately around the cat as much as I can.

Any useful tips on how to best tackle this? Is the best strategy to offer rewards for looking away at first, then ignoring a cat running past, etc? On lead at first to set them up for success? And if you have done this, did you combine that with any kind of correction for chasing or the intention to chase? The dog not being allowed time to adjust to his new home and my training methods before we launch into this will be a factor too, but there's no other way.

I know only cat lovers will understand this but the house always belongs to the resident cat and I am determined to make sure everyone else in this house gets that through their skull!