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    My 6 year old foxy cross Lucy has an attitude and isnt afraid to let other dogs know when on our walks? For example this morning she barked and wanted to fight with at least 3 other dogs who were walking with their owners. The thing is there are a couple of dogs that she loves and wants to play with them so its not all dogs?
    I use a retractable lead and harness with her and do let her pee on every tree ( yes she cocks her leg) and she does seem to control the walk?
    After growling at a dog this morning she then turned to chase a pushbike that went past now that scared me and I really roused at her.
    She definitely needs some discipline am I leaving it to late because of her age?
    I wonder if a shorter lead will help?

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    It is never too late nor is a dog too old to not benefit from some sort of training !

    Ditch the retractable lead ASAP – they are horrible things and dangerous - and as you are finding you have no control over your pup at all !

    Here are some links for you:

    This one has a lot of really good information about a lot of things:

    Free downloads | Dog Star Daily

    Again – have a really good look around this next site – particularly in the training area – the knowledge base:

    K9 PRO - The K9 Professionals

    Kikopup makes things look so easy ! Don't worry about the clicker – use a word to mark instead. I am sure you will find something here that will help you:

    kikopup puppy tips - YouTube
    Good Luck ! smiley-eatdrink004.gif
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    Thank you Riley J that seems most helpful

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    Have a good look around the links I put up. Look at the things that you would like to do with your pup - then use the links - particularly Kikopup's link to see how you can do things.

    Have you any thoughts about going to a dog training school ? You would probably get the best help there - better than you would get from a few lines on a forum page.

    Maybe if you could say what area you are in - there may be people on the forum that could suggest some good trainers and schools for you !
    Up to you ! smiley-eatdrink004.gif

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    Agree, never too late to train a dog and it will benefit you both. And Kikopup is fabulous. Really clearly explained and easy to implement, even though most of us will never really get the perfection she achieves from her dogs.

    You can train an adult dog in exactly the same way as a pup and all it takes is consistency. So you need to first have a good think about how you want your dog to behave. Training works much better if you phrase it in positive terms instead of negatives like "I don't want her to do x". But you do need to make the decisions and not let her think she gets (or needs) to choose where to go and what to do.

    Foxies are notoriously stubborn, but consistency and persistence can get you a long way. Take baby steps at first. Tackle one behaviour at a time to gain confidence and then build on that.

    And agree on the retractable lead too. A standard short lead would be much better. Instead of trying to let her run on the lead, start training reliable recall and eventually you may be able to let her off in safe off leash areas.

    Also, it's ok for her not to like every dog she meets. But barking at them is not polite doggy behaviour.

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