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Thread: My Girlfriend's and my 13wk old GS x Husky (Kovu)

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    Post My Girlfriend's and my 13wk old GS x Husky (Kovu)

    Hey everyone, I've done some quick searches to no avail.
    I'm looking at what training school to put my little bloke into when he's old enough.
    Because he's 3/4 GS with majority of his features being shepherd.
    I was hoping that we could join the GSDCV for training
    However, nowhere on their site mentions if the dog requires to be pure bred with papers.

    My second question, Recently over the last few days to a week.
    Kovu has completely stopped listening to me. He's slowed down abit with biting but its still there.
    But now, he won't come to me, sit for me or do anything that I've been teaching him unless I'm holding the treats.
    From 8wks My girlfriend and I have been training him every day so he's been doing a few of the tricks without treats.
    I'm just unsure as to why he's now ignoring us especially when it comes to calling him in from the backyard when he goes to do his business.

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    Dogs aged 4-9 months seem to have selective hearing haha I know my pup sure does. At first, I got really frustrated at the fact she was barely listening to me, but you'll eventually get used to it - my 7 months old Kelpie also only usually listens when I have a treat.
    Just do not be afraid to be the boss!
    Some people do not believe in 'pack' behavior, but I find that when I stand over my pup when she's naughty, she submits and then listens to me until I release her(do not harm your dog in any way while doing this)

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    My BC was like this as a young pup and I despaired of developing a real bond. It was suggested here that I develop a routine of play and sitting alone time. For us this was to go the beach and play ball and then sit together for about ten minutes quietly. At the same time I went to look after my sisters house for a week during the holidays (both of us teachers) I put aside training and I spent chunks of every day playing with Maggie, by then she had developed her ball passion.
    I really noticed a difference when we came home and now at 18 mths she is my shadow.
    At home she will choose to be with me over most things now, balls and bones being of high importance and will draw her
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    Contact GSDCV and ask if you can participate. If they say 'no' ask them to recommend a good training school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grevillea47 View Post
    Contact GSDCV and ask if you can participate. If they say 'no' ask them to recommend a good training school.
    Ok, I gave GSDCV a call. They can have cross breeds provided they look like a German shepherd.
    This is ok for Kovu as he looks basically like a short haired GS with the face and back stripe exactly the same just with the lighter tan husky undercoat on the sides.
    So they said, "Take him down to a training day and get them to assess him to see if he fits the physical criteria.

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