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Thread: Need Help URGENTLY!!!

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    Default Need Help URGENTLY!!!

    Hey guys!

    I have a 10 month old male Labrador and about 2 months ago we got him a playmate from the pound. She is a desexed 1-2yr old German Shepherd x Kelpie.

    They get along well together, but whenever it comes time to feeding them, or food in general, she gets REALLY aggressive and attacks my lab. The past few days it has been getting out of hand because my lab is starting to fight back which only provokes her more. They are even starting to draw blood on eachother and obtain 'battle wounds'.

    I love my pound puppy, but it isn't fair for my lab to have to put up with this behaviour. He is such a nice, placid dog that wouldn't hurt a fly. I really don't want to get rid of her, but I'm not sure what else to do? I already feed them seperately, but being a lab, he finds things to eat all over the place and I'm not out there watching them 24/7.

    I've looked into getting professional dog training, but it is too expensive and I was told it isn't 100%.

    Any suggestions as to what I can do?

    Please help me...I want to keep BOTH my dogs!

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    Thanks for your reply!

    I've tried something different tonight...

    I put their leads on and tied each of them to each side of our back veranda. I then prepared their food and gave it to my lab first, then the female. I didn't untie them until every little bit of food was gone. I then picked up both their bowls and put them inside with me. I figured if they have no bowls out there, the female won't get so concerned that the lab is trying to take her food.

    It seemed to have worked so far. I gave them both a treat for behaving themselves and now they are playing together.

    I'm hoping that over time, they will learn that one side is theirs and to not go near eachother while eating. It will be a real pain to have to tie them up each night, but I will if it means I can keep her. I also want her to learn that my lab will be fed first, not just because he was there first (I love them both equally), but because SHE is the one that causes the trouble and SHE needs to learn that he is 'above' her when it comes to feeding.

    I will do some more research on canine dominancy to see if this is the right way to go about it.

    I just also wanted to add that they are both STRICTLY outdoor dogs.

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    I read your post but couldn't think of any idears for you, And you came up with one, Well done to you Jbear kbear

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    Turns out I went about it the wrong way...

    This website is GREAT!!!...

    Inter-Dog Dominance Aggression

    I've only skimmed through the pages, but I have learnt so much already. I'm just going to have to read it in more depth so that I know I'm doing the right thing.

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    Well thank you Jbear Kbear
    I have just learn't something new today too...

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    I would wonder why anyone who has experienced resource guarding would allow it to continue. Feed the seperately. Give them treats seperately. Make sure food/bones are never an issue.

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    There is only a problem when there is their bowls of dog biscuits (they have 1 each). I can give them a treat or a bone and they go their seperate ways and eat it with no fuss, it's just the dry dog biscuits she fights over? If I have a treat for them, I make them both sit, give the treat to the lab first, and then the problems what so ever! She will just sit there and wait for hers.

    I'm going to continue feeding them seperately like I did last night and hope that the peace remains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occy View Post
    I would wonder why anyone who has experienced resource guarding would allow it to continue. Feed the seperately. Give them treats seperately. Make sure food/bones are never an issue.
    I agree. Food aggression is not something that you can train out of a dog usually so implement procedures to keep them separate whilst eating.

    I have to do it all the time with the Pugs as I would say at least 90% are food aggressive.
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    Yeah, it looks like feeding them seperately is going to be a permanent thing.

    I don't mind though if it means I can keep her

    I'm going to go give them hugs now, just because I love them

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    I keep mine separate at meal times. If anyone is showing food aggression or being too pushy they have to wait until last. I'm not letting anyone be the leader of my pack except for me. Similarly, I will elevate anyone that is being picked on by feeding them first. Works for us, and we have big dogs of mixed sexes and ages, and very few (and very minor!) disputes.

    Best of luck with your two!

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