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Thread: Train dog from being an inside dog to an outside dog

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    sounds like someone wants the easy way out....

    all you need is a few changes to things, and it will be fine. plenty of good advice so far. so wont try to add.

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    I have the perfect solution for you...give your Rottie away to someone who will love and treat him or her the way this wonderful breed should be treated.

    Rotties are family dogs and love to be with the family they love...and that means on the lounge...bed or anywhere else in the house they like.
    You say your sick of the shedding...what shedding you would need a magnifying glass to see Rottie hair...just as well you don't have a GSD... you do know what a vacuum cleaner is.

    As far as the slobber goes...Rottie slime is part of the breed and you have a towel nearby just in case especially when they shake their head and the slime goes everywhere...even on the TV screen. As for dog smells...what smell unless they fart then you have something to complain about.
    Chloe & Zorro
    Rottweilers and German Shepherds are Family

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    This thread is more than a month old and the opening poster hasn't been back since the day they posted.

    So there's not a lot of point addressing answers to them, but maybe the legion of lurkers could still benefit from any helpful information we might have.

    It is really sad when someone decides their dog is no longer welcome in the house without addressing the causes.

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