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Thread: Brian's barking at son in law. Im now seriously over it.

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    Yikes Bernie

    Well Saved.

    Son arrived with 2 pups. And all hell broke loose.
    "shall i let Sherlock off to have a play if we keep the others tied up?" asks my son
    Reminds me of Blackthorn's unhappy story here

    Seems like Brian needs some impulse control practice...

    I play a game with the doors and gates... with Frosty...
    she's supposed to sit before I open the gate, and not go until I say she can. If she tries to get up, I shut the gate/door back in her face. If she's good, I give her permission to go through.

    I always let her through ahead of me - that way I feel like I have control... I can see what she's doing/looking at/thinking of chasing...

    I'm not interested in some theories about always going first - that only ever gets me ripped to pieces and tripped up by excited dog blasting by.

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    Wow Bernie well done! What an unpleasant afternoon, but what an impressive save. Don't know that I would have been as quick-thinking, but I hope so.

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    ouch. not a fun afternoon...
    i would of been going for something a little harder than a cup of tea....
    maybe some straight vodka...

    makes me wonder whats going through that dogs head given events.

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    hyacynth, that's the 2nd time ive read that you let your dogs go through doors/gates first.
    For Brian, this pattern would be safer for me, or i can get knocked over.
    Problem i have is: other 2 are well trained not to go first.
    So currently, older dogs are miffed that he's going first and unsure what they have to do. But holding back as usual still thankfully. A few weeks and they will see, that Brian goes first, me next, them last.
    But that's in a few weeks i guess.

    lol, right now this is where i am at:
    Brian goes first, see's he's alone so haults just outside of door, blocking exit. The minute he steps over the threshold, he has upset my GSD who starts to tell him off vocally. Brian comes back in at sound, suitable chastised and we all collide on the threshold. Such fun!

    Games of gates coming up!

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