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Thread: some interesting trialing rules... since when...

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    Default some interesting trialing rules... since when...

    been told some interesting rule that all 'associate dogs' need to be desexed to trial in Agility?
    geeze i must be out of date.
    since when did it come compulsery to hack ya mates nuts off if he wants to compete in agility just cause he aint "pure"....
    man i think some people need there heads read...
    if a dog works great and is a good sound dog why should it be compulsury to hack and slash or get excluded from the group?

    idea anyone?

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    That rule has been in for awhile now. Dogs registered on other bona fide registers can be registered on the sporting register and dont need to be desexed. So if you had a Border collie/kelpie mix that was registered on a sheepdog working register they would be exempt from sterilisation. The ANKC promotes dogs that are pedigree so unless it is a registered working dog the register does not support breeding crossbred dogs, that is what they stand for, end of story.

    Simplest thing if you dont like it is to do the ADAA agility trials, they dont care about such things.

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    been told some interesting rule that all 'associate dogs' need to be desexed to trial in Agility?
    ANKC is all about pedigree. So if you have a mutt and want to compete in any affiliate competition then, yes your dog must be desexed. Wasn't a problem for me because I got my dog from AWL desexed already.

    It still gets weird when I have to take her up for "vet check" to make sure she's not in season. Most vets on the table just check her ear for the tattoo not her tail...

    But... there is another agility competition called ADAA which runs competitions in WA, QLD and some bits of NSW. And they don't care. I think they still want you to keep your on heat bitch at home but they don't mind if she's a mutt or not.

    And a lot of agility clubs run "mock trials" which are independent of the ANKC - so you don't need to get your dog desexed to enter those.

    You could get into some other dog sports like lure coursing for not - greyhounds but all the other dogs, or flyball - recently disaffiliated from the ANKC but still hosted by ANKC clubs and others. IPO or "Dog Sport" sometimes known as or a variant of Schutzhund - not ANKC.

    Not sure what other sports but there are some more.

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