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Thread: New Dog + existing dog (with Lymphoma) & finding a Training Balance

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    Default New Dog + existing dog (with Lymphoma) & finding a Training Balance

    Firstly hi everyone, first post on here. (I'll probably waffle on sorry lol)

    My existing dog (Harvey) is a desexed Traditional Chinese Shar-pei (bonemouth) 6 years old. His an awesome dog and my best mate. Sadly 9-10 months ago he was diagnosed with Lymphoma(Cancer). His been fighting it since. His done a full 6 months of chemo, but sadly it came back 6 weeks after this so his been on chemo again, and just recently an adjusted protocol as it's effectiveness is now reducing (as expect). So the poor guy is getting to the pointy end, it's always a lotto with these things but maybe a few months .

    Anyways a few months back I had the idea of getting him a mate, I'm gone work days 9-10 hours a day, and live alone. I'll at admit now while a fair portion of of this idea was to give him company during the day, the rest of it was my subconscious pushing the idea, given me a distraction and second mate when Harvey's time comes.

    Initially I thought puppy but ruled this out, knowing first hand the work involved, the huge distraction/time keep it would be away from Harvey and also that it would likely just annoying him.
    So 5-6 weeks ago trolling the RSPCA found 1year 6month a Shar-pei cross female up north, her name Chilli. After a number of discussions she seemed like the perfect dog.
    So a bit of a road trip with Harv, and intro and the family was now 3 . When I asked what the Shar-pei 'cross' was, the RSPCA woman loosely indicated 'Dingo', don't know for sure, but coat wise, size wise, build wise she seems to fit, I do get a few people commenting/asking when out (at the beach etc) too haha.

    Initially I was told and it certainly appeared she was a very laid back and relaxed dog (which she is when not exited, happy to chill around the house). I soon found that some of this was attributed to some fear submission, I don't think she was treated the best previously. Rolling up an electrical cord or hose bought out a huge fear cowering response, so perhaps hit sadly.

    In the weeks I've had her, I've over come most of these fears and she's quite good now. However what's coming out is a super happy lively dog that I now realise I'm really going to have to keep ontop of training and rules wise. While initially she was great, would listen, stick with me, come quite well etc, with her confidence up so is her drive to push boundaries.

    When in a calm state she is wonderful, does push for attention, especially when Harvey is getting some affection, but working on this and it's getting better.

    My problems start when she get excited. Her food and prey drives are epic. While she good enough to sit and wait and look at me before getting her food, she winges and almost trembles, fidgeting at thought of eating. Again getting better as she's understanding needs to calm first. Prey drive, perhaps she is part Dingo as boy does she like to chase. Didn't pick it at first, and even in the park once early off they both chased a cat, Harv is great, can call him off instantly and he'll stop, and she pretty much did also (at least this first time haha). But Perhaps it was that first rush, because now there's no stopping her, and it seems to be getting worse. Can be applied to other dogs too. I probably shouldn't have let her have a few more chases, (doh!!), but I've now only got her on a long lead (rope) at anytime I'm not 100% sure there's something to chase.

    While Harvey certainly has a chase/prey drive, at times years ago I stupidly encouraged it for fun, it's never been hard to stop him chasing. Being 6 now he basically doesn't even bother now unless I was to rev him up to it. I know Chilli is only 1year 7months, so probably prime 'boundary' pushing age, but I'm all for well controlled dogs, and certainly want her to follow in her older brothers footsteps.

    My conundrum comes is with time. I so much want to invest a heap of time, effort and training into Chilli now knowing she's certainly going to need it, but then on the flip side Harv sadly only having months left, it's a distraction I just don't think I can dedicate what I'd like too.

    In hindsight, yes, I probably shouldn't have got another dog just yet, despite my ideas and efforts trying to get a quite relaxed and easy dog (I should have known better, it's always a lotto, especially with rescue dogs /facepalm lol) but things are now how they are, and one must deal with it.

    I want to train chilli with a combo of marker/positive but with a level of corrections too. Harv was trained with rewards and corrections, taught a little more old school but not bad 'harsh' as I see some mean owners do, I've learnt and read alot more since.

    Will delaying intense training of Chilli be detrimental longer term? I'm not talking no training at all, still plenty of rules and training at home, rules when out and a level of training, there, just not as intense as i think is necessary, as you can understand if you read the above novel (sorry), my reluctance to take away too much time between myself and Harv.

    A few pics of the pair of them. Harv's obviously the dark brown one.
    20130825_100949.jpg20130825_111809.jpgDSC_0431.jpgHARVEY CHILLI TRIP HOME LUNCH.jpgP1020851.jpgP1020854.jpgswim.jpg
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    Rolling up an electrical cord or hose bought out a huge fear cowering response, so perhaps hit sadly.
    Or she thought these things were snakes?

    She seems to be super smart and super responsive - so you will need to be careful of her training you to cave into doing what she wants when she wants it. And you probably need to work extra hard at preventing problems ie little things growing into outrageous out of control things. So I'd be very careful about where I let her off lead and when.

    And I'd use the prey drive to get her attention and as a reward for lots of things - like recalls - come back - play chase and tug with a fluffy toy. But start where you have control over where she can go.

    And I would be making sure that you have an escape proof run for her. As long as there are people and Harvey around, a dingo is content to stay at home, but from what I've read in here and other places, if nobody is home and the dingo gets bored or lonely - they will scale a 3m fence and go exploring.

    And sharpei are pretty good at climbing fences too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    Or she thought these things were snakes?
    Interesting idea, possibly right, though we've already encountered one real snake (carpet python) can didn't care about it apart from being curious. That an the behaviour did translate to holding any other 'hitting' type object, was just bit more pronounced with cored item.

    What you're saying does make sense and I did figure the same. I had an idea that perhaps would have to use her drive to get reliable training. She'll play tug wit Harv, seems to go too far though so I don't really let them play for long, but it's harder with me. Still building trust I think as seems a bit 'concerned'/unsure. Will get there eventually I hope. Getting them both reved up and playing with me and together seems to work best for both of them

    I walk them through school ovals/fields (closed obviously) and use a long lead. I work on keep her engaged when on the lead, and only let the lead drop if engaged in fetch or something. Other people also walk their dogs there so I've been trying to use them as conditioning/training to a degree (at distance).
    I do let her off at the dog beach though, but is pretty well behaved there. I guess dogs everywhere there's less single focus/chase etc. Should I stop this too?

    I think she's making a rank move at the moment though. Harv seems quite wary of her now and perhaps even less happy. This week I've noticed some small marks/dried blood on his ears. Not sure if she's a 'go' at him or an over excitement thing when the dogs next door rev them up through the fence then spilling out onto harv as his right next to her?. The 'escaping' had me put in some remote camera's to work out what was going on but I've yet to see what exactly is going on with regard to this. Harv is definitely a bit more standoffish though, which isn't good, last thing I want is for him to be stressed and unhappy. Just today he sat down the back corner of the yard (sizeable yard) for quite a while while she was up near the house watching him. Very odd behaviour for him, yet now they are lying up the side of the house 1m apart snoozing.

    Don't jinx me on the fencing, lol (so far my patch work is ok haha). But yeah I have read the same too! . I plan on slowly testing the removal of all others, First just leaving Harv inside while I'm out so she knows his there, then slowly onto both of us going out for a short period to gauge how she reacts. Having the camera's for this is awesome and would recommend some cheap ebay jobbies to anyone with similar concerns issues.

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