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Thread: Clicker training gone wrong...

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    If fetching a beer is offensive to you, train your dog to fetch your fags n lighter instead? lol

    And i cut up dime coin size pieces of sausage. And as each repetition is 1 behaviour = 1 treat , you need something really small, that can slide down witout chewing so dog does not lose focus AND can keep doing the behaviour. So any crap will do for now. How posh your 'crap' is, is owners choice, and dogs sometimes, as occasionally, you'll need something REALLY tempting, like steak! for a jackpot. Even food treats have their own hierarchy for my dogs, and most others find this too.
    What one will do for a piece of sausage, is less than what one will do for a chicken wing!

    We all have our price, dogs included.
    Try to remember, its what your dog thinks is fabulous as a treat that counts, what you think is irrelevant in this matter.

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    here i was thinking it was going to be about something the dog learnt gone wrong....
    try clicker training a sheltie to speak... now thats clicker gone wrong..... haha

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    My dogs eat raw, except for training time, when they have good-o's. They will also do anything for a bit of cheese. I can't use cabanossi because it would never make its way to the dog! lol. I agree it has to be a soft treat, because running around and having fun is also part of training time with my dog, and they hack up a hard treat if they don't chew properly and then run around.

    FWIW, I have a friend who, if she wants her dog to really do something, treats her (the dog) with Wagu steak.

    Use whatever works for you and for your dog.

    There's a book called "when pigs fly" by Jane Killion which, in Bull Terrier circles at least, is the 'bible' of clicker training. There is a also a website you could google.

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    I've been rewarding my dog for fetching my ugg boots before she gets to eat her dinner...

    So I park her next to dinner (she already knows stay in front of dinner) and then I chuck an ugg boot down the hall... and point at it and tell her fetch, and block her from going towards her dinner... she has to pick up the ugg boot, without shaking it, and return it to my hand.

    We started by fetching small tug toys and I had to explain she couldn't have her dinner if she threw the tug at me, she had to give it into my hand so there was a lot of follow up pointing and saying "can't reach"... and initially I'd let her have her dinner if she eventually gave the thing to my hand, but after a while I started making her do the fetch over until she'd bring it all the way to my hand without dropping or throwing it. And then I started asking her to fetch other things like leather garden gloves, crocs and then ugg boots...

    I don't have any beer for her to fetch. Plus I don't want to teach her how to open the fridge door - ever.

    it doesn't matter what she fetches. Start with something easy like a dog toy, and build up to something impressive like your cat?

    Here's another article about shaping... there's lots, just find one you like.

    kikopup on youtube is also good.

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