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Thread: Can i train someone elses dog?

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    Default Can i train someone elses dog?

    My son has 2 pups. Sherlock 1yr, and Harlequin 4months. They are brother and sister, get this, from different consecutive litters.
    Moving on...
    The dame i know. She was my neighbors escapologists dog. She's got mastiff in her, lab, and kelpie. ie. one smart athletic stubborn determined bitch. Who so wanted a leader, a family to be around, so moved in lol
    She is a lovely natured dog. So sweet, and loved to come sit in the kitchen and watch me prepare my family meal, before her's got home from work, and id take her home. My dogs love her.
    The Sire is good pedigree Airedale. I dont know him.

    the 2 pups.
    the rules are different in my house, to their own home. Here, they are not allowed on carpet, tables, furniture, to bark etc.
    They both dont do these things, except barking. Here. Yet when i visit them in their own home, they are doing all these things.
    So, dog get my sofa = no, mum's sofa = yes.
    So clearly, i can train them in this manner.

    What i was wondering was, what sort of outcome might you get (i get) if i did obedience with the bitch here, when she visits.
    And they did nothing.
    Obviously, repetition would be reduced, thus opportunity to reinforce lost, and probably being counter trained at home with another set of rules.
    I wouldnt want to confuse the female pup, its just she's so bloomin smart! and gets into mischief, and has now escaped twice, just like her mum used to. And everything ive taught her, she 'gets' so fast, and just starts offering up the behavior willy nilly.

    a) anyone that is in to dog training, would be seriously tempted by this female pup! High pack/prey/play drives, perfect in my wish list anyhow.
    b) im frustrated with brian, and just want a high drive fix i think.

    Maybe some new games to play with her. But would prefer the opportunity to do obedience. But maybe should stick to games/tricks
    She likes clicker training lots!
    her first go, was clicker sit, and 2 clicks - "ah ha!" moment and SORTED

    Neither my son, nor his wife, currently have dog training as a past time, outside of basic manners < and i use the phrase loosely!

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    Yes, go for it!!

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    There is so much about what you have written that is disturbing and if you can influence at all the behaviour of this pup and enjoy doing it I would go for it, especially as it is family.

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    My concern is that the dog will become confused. Allowed something there but not with you ( depends on the dog too to a great extent) but in saying that I also feel they need to learn that differences exist. If your son sees what you achieve he may just learn something and you will have well behaved dogs when they visit..

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    I think it's fine. I believe dogs get context, which is why they will beg for food from some people but not others.

    I have trained other people's dogs because I ended up walking them. It was just basic stuff like reliable recall, stay, leave... The biggest risk is that they get more attached to you than to their owners because they thrive on consistency.

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