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Thread: Kids, Dog training/ behaviour Research :-)

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    Default Kids, Dog training/ behaviour Research :-)

    Hi there!
    I am hoping I can get some great insight from lots of different people who have dogs, I am sure I am the right place!
    I'm amidst trying to do market research as part of a small business course in Sydney.
    My main goal is a business down the track which will involve well trained dogs who can work with children. I would love to hear about everyone's experiences and thoughts on how their dog has helped their kids in some way and what breeds you have that are fantastic with kids. I am a HUGE lab and golden retriever fan but I know that lots of other breeds are great with kids. I am mainly interested working with larger breeds.
    Please if you have a dog (or more than one, just choose one) can you help me in doing a small 2 minute survey?
    Here is the link :-)


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    Done the survey.

    Not at all interested in having someone else train my dog.

    Not able to use a Sydney based service.

    Would prefer someone who knows what's involved in dog sports - like the names of them. And maybe the rules.

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    Survey done. And I'm completely with Hyacinth on this one, I have no interest in someone else training my dogs.

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