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Thread: A ll A bout Dog Tr aining

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    BB is just a franchise with trainers that come to your house. Their go-to techniques are making your dog sit calmly for his food while you pretend to eat from his bowl (way to make you feel like an idiot) and only patting them when they lie down calmly. They obviously mostly deal with dogs that have no basic manners at all. Because my dog was calm and very well behaved around humans, I was told not to give her any attention unless as a reward for recall. There's not many opportunities to do recall in a tiny flat with a velcro dog... I thought only having physical contact with the dog on walks was a tad cruel. Especially as I was not at all explained the how and why if this method. They treated me like an idiot while now I know they were the idiots.

    I found clicker training taught me a lot about the basic principles of training.

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    Franchise dog training is unacceptable in my books. A basic course to go out and do consults with no proof of valuable experience. BB and other such companies give frenchisees a crash course in dog training and send them out into the world, they charge like a wounded bull and give no help if the method fails.

    I've had BB dogs come to me, one shredded himself when forced into a crate and chastised for making a sound. He flipped out, tore the crate apart and his front legs. They gave up after that.

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    For what it's worth, I would suggest at least going to AADT and having a chat to Bruno and Veronica there. They have a lot of clients with GSD and other working breeds, and do a lot of work for Bull Breeds and rescue as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiarmu View Post
    I already tried Barkbuster who came to my place twice, but I was still the one doing all the training. Their method like water gun and chain pillow is not very effective. That's why I'm thinking of somebody that can train my dog better than me.

    Thanks anyway.
    You are the one that needs to be doing the training, but you need to find a good trainer to teach you. I once had a problem with a dog and I found a very good trainer. She showed me so much and I had to work on it everyday with this dog. You cant just expect to send the dog away for a short time and then when it comes back all the problems are solved because if you have no concept of how to continue it is probably going to have a less than desirable outcome. If you own a dog you need to learn how to train the dog.

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