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Thread: Should I got to obedience training?

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    Default Should I got to obedience training?

    Morning all,
    I was looking for some advice, I was planning to take 8month old Bo to training tomorrow but am a little unsure as he will be coming home to 8week old Minnie who has only had one injection so far.

    Is there any chance that Bo could bring something nasty home to Minnie?

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    Hi SimonR

    You and your dog both could bring something nasty... For example Parvo - is transmitted by dog poo in dirt... anyone stepping in it can bring it in. But if you avoid places where there is low vaccination rates of dogs, then you're not very likely to pick up any nasties.

    It's also possible that flu and colds and maybe kennel cough can be transmitted via your clothes.

    But most obedience dog clubs require that new members show proof of vaccination for their dogs when they join, so if the dog club does this and the area is also secured when not in use by the dog club, ie no other people get to use the space, then the chances of you bringing something nasty home are reduced.

    I would phone the dog club or your vet and ask. If you really want to be safe, only have play dates with other dogs in yards where you know they're all vaccinated. Until at least two weeks after the last shot.

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    Cheers hyacinth, hopefully I can get hold of them before tomorrow morning, but I know the area is a public place so we might have to give school a miss for the next few weeks.

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    Personally, I would wait until next term starts until I started obedience school. Even vaccinated dogs can bring home a disease, even if they don't get sick from it.

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