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Thread: Off-lead or Not?

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    I have a mastiff x and a staffy x boarder collie so it def could have something to do with that.

    Each to their own

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    Have to say i agree with Ktime, 1 rule of intoducing dogs is do it on neatural territory. Leo will not have another dog in his yard and will dominate them, where as outside his yard, he is very much the submissive dog. I would never introduce another dog to Leo in my own back yard. Always on neatrul ground

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    Default Many thanks

    Many thanks to you all for your input. I'm learning a lot and respect your knowledge.

    Ktime70 - your comments bring a smile to my face as I agree with you and realise the sense in it all. They will sort it out for themselves and although she's dominant I've been surprised by her reactions when playing with a same-aged chocolate lab off-lead. She went totally submissive which is something I'd never seen her do before. She is very much more assertive on the end of a lead which I expect will be the protective part of her nature?

    I keep on learning, many thanks to you all. I'm off to watch "the bill" now. Hope you all have a great Sundaygota go.

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