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    Hi guys - I recently adopted a 5 year old Staffy X from RSPCA. He is the perfect dog, great inside the house, great on the leash, great with kids and new people etc and even other animals - his one issue is driving us insane. He absolutely HATES every other dog on the planet. Everytime we take him for a walk and he sees another dog, he goes ape sh*t and starts barking mentally and tries to run towards them. And thanks to the staffy bark, everyone stares at me like I'm choking him...

    I've tried taking him to friends houses who own dogs but end up sitting inside with him because he wouldn't have a bar of it.

    I've been told to take him to a professional for "socialization" training. I was wondering if you guys had any tips or any referrals that have helped with similar issues? Apologies if there is a section for this but I'm brand new to the forums.

    Thanks in advance

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    Ive had a rottweiler like this. I took him on at 6 months old, and unsure what went wrong, but our dopey dog, turned into killer dog if another dog came near.
    Here is what i did:
    Booked a session with an animal behaviourist @ cost of $350. Had 2 further sessions with her. Took a year to sort. I ended up with a dog that did not like other dogs ever. However, he would behave him bloody self around them, no barking, hackles, standover, etc, just calm bored dog.

    In these sessions i was taught that....
    I am not the pack leader and my dog was protecting me and ignoring me. Soon sorted by quadruple amounts of training, and upped the exercising on leash.
    That i talked to my dog in a way that suggested it didnt have to listen. I was taught to talk AGAIN, this time to a dog. Which to my sensitive ears, sounded like i was talking to him like a piece of shit frankly. So rude was it. But that was the tone i was taught, and ive used it without fail since.
    My dog was virtually blind and i had no idea
    I was taught to walk around a local oval, where the dog club trains. I walked for sodding miles, every sunday morning around and around 30 dogs have a great time! Whilst we stalked the edges of the oval. Week by week getting closer and closer. He was desperate to get in amoungst them and sort them all out, especially a spaniel that was way too big for himself according to my rottie. So he'd be pulling in that direction to start a fight. the moment he pulled, i had to walk in opposite direction. He only was allowed to WALK CALMLY forward. anything else and he'd be turned smartly around and walked in the opposite direction that he wished to go in. Hard work, physically knackering. But we got there. In 4 weeks. We were sat at the edge of the line, just like a normal dog!
    I used calming signals. Do a google search. simple communication method to the dog, to let it know to calm down, you dont need it to protect you.
    I used food to reward good behaviour, teeny tiny bits of bacon, as that was the food he ranked No.1 , you'll need a highly valued reward for praising correct behaviour to motivate your dog.

    Other dog i have done this with is bernie. i use a ball throw reward, as he's motivated by that. This ensures that bernie does not pay attention to anything i dont wish him to see. He only see's me, INCASE that ball gets thrown, and that could be any moment, so he'd best be watching, or that bitch sister of his will get it. See i use the other dog too.

    I also use other calm dogs to role model for my dog what i want him to do. Dogs are great mimicks.

    I also used some mate, who had a 9 yr old friendly lab to train with between training sessions. This dog was so arthritic/blind/slow/friendly to dogs. So a great choice for my rude teenager. And most of my early close work on pavements, was practiced with this dog first. Then i borrowed another mate, with a slightly younger, again non reactive dog. I built up to a toy poodle. you know, the bite sized snacks you see occasionally lol
    and lastly, i used my neighbours dogs a lot. Plently of down stays, behind a fence, where the dog was sounding savage trying to get through the fence to my dog. Down stays in this situation, were given jackpot wins. Lots of food all given at once. Years after the neighbours moved, my dog would jump into a down stay if we passed the fence lol

    I made sure my dog was bored and not reactive to one dog, before i moved onto the next.
    then i walked him parallel to male dogs, but again, using distance which decreased over time.

    Its a slow process. The trainer is there to....
    teach you timing of rewards, tone of voice, posture even, i was bending over which i was not to.
    provides stooge dogs for your to train with often
    provide you with skills that never fade, that you can use with each successive dog.

    Ive had dogs similar since, and sorted the problems out myself from what i was taught. Good luck, this is so possible to do. Its basic counter conditioning. Takes time and effort. For me, i got a dog to go camping with, running through woods off leash, so was prepared to turn my hound of baskevilles, into Kevin, the dopey rottie.
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    Hi 'Suleman Nasim' and to the forum ! There are heaps of really good threads and knowledgeable people on the forum - 'bernie' who answered your post - is one of them - so I hope you enjoy being a member here.

    It would be helpful if you could give us an area where you live so that we can recommend a behaviourist/trainer for you. The problem that you are having with your pup really needs to be seen through someone else's experienced eyes.

    Some reading and viewing for you:

    Knowledge Base | Steve Courtney Dog Training

    kikopup puppy tips - YouTube

    Good Luck !

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    What area are you in? I do Geelong and Melbourne,

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    Thanks for the detailed response guys, some really good tips. Nekhbet I'm all the way in Box Hill, so probably out of your area.

    Thanks for the tips Bernie, really appreciate it. I'll do a bit of reading up and get some pro help shortly. If you have any suggestions for people out this way who can help, that would be awesome. Till then I'm trying to sort some other issues out (he stays inside at home while me and my partner go to work and has recently started peeing in our bed for some reason) Really annoying but reading up on it i'm finding a bunch of reasons so lets see what I can do. I take him for a walk before and after work too.

    He's worth the trouble though, he was sitting at RSPCA for 5 weeks almost, why don't people adopt older dogs!!

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