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Thread: my dog runs wont come back to me when called anymore:(

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    Angry my dog runs wont come back to me when called anymore:(

    My 7month old american bulldog pup was really coming along with her obedience. I have trusted her off her leash for 3 months and she has never strayed far and always come back when called. The last 3 weeks everytime I let her off her leash, she bolts, not chasing anything in particular just running, and wont come back. I need help with some training techniques to curb her running and get her to come back when called. I want the trust back.

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    I wouldn't let her off the leash anymore unless she is in a fenced yard. Practice her recall at home over and over until she is perfect. When she comes give her a treat and heaps of praise and pats, make coming to you worthwhile and never ever punish or scold her when she does come, no matter how long it takes.
    She is just a baby at 7 months and still needs heaps of training like my one year old Rottweiler. He is great at obedience, loves learning and can perform all sorts of commands but I would NEVER trust him outside home off the leash he is such a rascal.
    Another trick I learned with my boy was to call 'Here' instead of his name.

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    Hi 'bulldog23' - and to the forum. There are heaps and heaps of really good threads and members here - so I hope that you enjoy being a member !

    As 'Emm318' said - she is still only a baby and really hasn't earned her stripes yet for off lead walks. This takes time and patience in training her.

    Have a look at this link from this forum to explain what she is going through age wise:

    So your pup is at the age of selective hearing/deafness and as she knows she can run faster than you - off she goes ! We have all been there and have had pups that have done it to us - so you are not alone !

    Also have a look at this link - it covers heaps and I am sure you will find it of some value:

    kikopup puppy tips - YouTube

    Good Luck !

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    Welcome to the forum Bulldog 23.
    At 7 months she is still a pup. I wouldn't be letting her off lead again until you are sure you have a rock solid recall with her. Use a 'long line' for training the recall.
    Good luck! Keep us up to date with how you go.

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    If she does get away DO NOT CHASE turn around and even sit down if it is safe. We improved Maggies recall by going to a safe off leash park and playing hide ( still do it to keep her on her toes) if she isn't looking we stop and hide then call her and reward her with a treat. Now we don't bother with thetreat as she is relieved we haven't got lost.
    At 1 I still wouldn't trust her with distractions, some people have less excitable dogs and can, depends.
    Setting it up in a safe place ( fenced paddock?) can give you the option of practising recall on a long lead or off lead.
    At that age one thought at a time seems to be the limits you are expecting her to come when there is something else exciting in her brain.

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    Get yourself a horse lunge lead and a pocket full of hotdogs/cheese/kabana. Call her back, any time she comes give her a piece and a thorough pat and send her off again. Call her name, when she turns to face you then command her to return clearly. It's a phase, they learn they can run and just keep going.

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    I think alot of puppies go through a stage of regression. My puppy is 6 mths now and refuses to sit- basically the first thing she learned. I went back to basics and started again. Unfortunately this happens alot and its about redefining the limits with your pup. They think why should i do this now? I used to get treats and so much love when i done anything now i dont even get the happy voice. So I'm not going to do it. Always go back to basics. Good luck with ur pup an definitely use a long lead and practice the command close as much as possible.

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