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Thread: Help needed with toilet training!

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    Yes it is very hard not cuddle puppies! but always keep a balance. She is a dog and does need to be trained a such and you can enjoy plenty of cuddles as well.

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    Hi tabspeanut and welcome to the forum.

    Like you, I don't have a back yard, so I sympathise with you! It's a whole different set of problems.
    My pup was 14 months old before she was allowed in the bedroom, and it was months later before she was allowed to occasionally spend the night on the bed with me.

    Apart from the first night here she has never disturbed my sleep. She was restricted to a small easily cleaned area at night and accepted this after the first night. She was quickly trained to toilet on puppy pads, then from about 6 months of age she was taken outdoors on lead to toilet and given lots of happy praise plus a food treat when she 'went' and quickly learned what the command for toileting meant.

    She's just had her 2nd birthday. If I'm going out for a few hours I still leave a puppy pad on the laundry floor 'just in case', but it's never used! I take her out first thing in the morning, last thing at night, plus one or two walks a day.

    It's a lovely feeling to have a dog snuggle next to you in bed, but at this stage I think you should take a step back with your pup or you'll create lifelong problems. You are expecting adult behaviour from a juvenile. Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by RileyJ View Post
    As far as the toilet mistakes are concerned - could it be that it is very cold now out on the balcony for a precious little pup who doesn't want to get cold/wet while doing her toileting business out there?

    16 weeks is still a very young pup and I have tended with all my pups in the past - to still take them out for toileting at regular intervals.
    I didn't get past this post .. RileyJ nailed it. At 16 weeks, although they may seem toilet trained, they're still just babies. Expect mistakes and like Riley said in a part of her post i deleted and can't be bothered finding again, keep a routine of taking the pup out every hour or two or whatever works for your pup.

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    What are you cleaning up with? Bleach tends to encourage going on the same spot again.

    However - I would not risk a puppy on my bed at all - 16 weeks is too young - they pee when they get excited.

    I think the reason she suddenly started peeing inside is it got cold all of a sudden - well it sure did in Southern Australia - May all unseasonally sunny and warm, come first or second week of june and it's like someone turned on the blast chiller. Even my dog doesn't want to go out side and get her feet cold and wet on the lawn.

    I would not shut a puppy outside and expect it to go on it's own out there alone in the cold. I would put it on the lead, go outside with it, stand around and be totally boring until it does it's business where you want, and then praise like you won lotto big time and maybe hand over some yummy treats too.

    Any mistakes inside - blame self - put a big red sign on a wall somewhere with "bang head here" on it.

    As for the 9 times in one night - sheesh - but you're rewarding this somehow. I would take the puppy dog out on lead and be boring. It's very very important not to reward the whining with attention. You can put the lead on but don't have a conversation. And at night time - I would have a short praise session after the puppy has gone to the toilet, but no play session.

    And I would also recommend some crate training, nice safe place or den for your dog, very handy if it ever needs to spend time at the vet (desexing?) or boarding kennels or long travel trips or even just at dog club.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post

    Any mistakes inside - blame self - put a big red sign on a wall somewhere with "bang head here" on it.
    Yup, exactly. It's just time, routine, patience and a shed load of toilet paper to clean up any messes. I've never bothered to try and remove smells that I can't detect and I haven't found that to be a problem, but lots of more experienced dog people than myself say it does help. Do what works i guess.

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