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Thread: Teaching an old dog new tricks

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    Default Teaching an old dog new tricks

    I watched some of these videos posted recently Jen Martin - YouTube and was inspired to teach my two a few new tricks. Oscar, my 7 year old soul mate Border Collie and Saffie the 3 year old blonde bombshell. I've always considered Oscar the wise old, super-smart fellow, and Saffie the cute but less intelligent gorgeous girl. Both my dogs have the basics - sit, stay, shake, drop, chop chop (hurry up!), stop, wait, heel, give, keep still (while I remove a tick), calm, etc. but I needed something to make up for my recent slackness re walks...... Saffie is much more food motivated, Oscar will do anything for a ball. I started with the "spin", Saffie got it in 2 goes, Oscar never. I admittedly made it confusing by trying to teach them "Bang" (drop dead) in between spins (I've got a short attention span....) but Saffie was with me all the way. Interesting to see her pick up both the "spin" and "bang" in about 2 seconds flat while Oscar just could not grasp spin (just sat and offered his paw or rolled over). After a few goes I had them down the beach and asked Saffie to spin (no treats) and she immediately flipped around, despite all the distractions. Now they are both great at the "bang" but Saffie is a star with her "spin". Anyway, great videos for some basic tricks and I think I will need to keep Saffie stretching her mind a bit more from now on.

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    'Troppo' - really loved reading your post !

    The blonde bombshell getting it - maybe the pup is not really blonde?

    Some photos or a video - maybe ?

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    I have a 2 that i misjudged also.
    A working GSD and a 3 toed sloth (in comparison) rottie x bordeaux. Taught them a new trick, and she gets it in seconds. He took 7 goes. But he's my favorite, so i told myself, that he has a larger repertoire of behaviours to offer, so natural he'll take longer lol
    Maybe a borderline collie?

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