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Thread: Barking dogs too old to train (stupid dog owners).

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    Default Barking dogs too old to train (stupid dog owners).

    This is a bit of a rant.

    I have a near neighbour - who has three dogs on their block. There is a SWF that lives in the front yard, and gets daily walks by the girlfriend.

    And there is a boxer and a staffy who live out the back - belong to the daughter who mostly lives in Queensland or out bush and doesn't look after these dogs. They've been there two years or so maybe longer.

    There is a small space out the back - it's all paved. There's a nice big shed for shelter but no lawn left. It's about the same as a court yard block because of all the sheds and caravans in the yard.

    And these two dogs never get walked. Ever. Because the lady who owns the SWF - is scared to walk them. She thinks they are dangerous. I can't tell.

    They bark at everybody who walks past - and stop when they're gone.

    On Tuesday night - around 3am - they barked for an hour solid according to my neighbour who is closer to them. I had a big night out that night, and I didn't hear them, and my dog didn't say anything about it.

    Last night my dog goes off at 3am (ARGH).

    I'm thinking something is lurking in our neighbourhood at some stupid hour of the morning (been a lot of graffiti around but it could be something else - like fighting cats).

    So to the rant bit. The SWF lady comes around to my nearer neighbour - and asks about the noise on Tuesday morning - and gets told by both of us - just how much the dogs bark - but we didn't put the note in her letterbox (someone did).

    I said she could get a trainer in like Mark Singer.
    She said the dogs were 8 and 10 years old and nothing could be done.

    That's when I got even more mad at her. I'm mad at her for not walking the dogs (and the bloke that owns the place doesn't either).

    I'm mad at her because there is no way they have permission to have 3 dogs on the place, and even though she said the QLD dogs were registered - they're probalby not registered as living there and her dog probably isn't either.

    And now I'm mad at her for not trying to sort the barking problem now that someone has complained.

    I'm pretty sure I know who would have complained - I might go talk to him about it. All us neighbours here know each other by name and temperament.

    And I think what SWF owner (and her boyfriend and his daughter) is doing is dog neglect but I'm not sure it's enough for me to think the dogs would be better off dead. Not sure. They were very quiet yesterday but barking again today - at people walking home from the nearby bus stop.

    Options I have: I can stick training stuff in the letterbox, I can talk to the council about whether they do actually have dogs registered there, and I can talk to them about the barking and I can talk to the RSPCA about the neglect. Though I don't think it is bad enough for the RSPCA to do anything. I feel like these dogs are doomed no matter what I do.

    What would you guys do?
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    Hmm..thats a tough one..getting the council or RSPCA in means the dogs will be in trouble and really its not thier fault the owners are slack arses....i'd go with the letter box drop and see if that helps first.

    I'm super patient with barking dogs but i was ready to kick Bronx in the pants this arvo because he wouldn't stop barking at this stupid dog that antagonises the beejeezuz out him through the fence. Problem solvesd by telling the dogs owner to take it home .....and letting them think Bronx can nearly bounce the gate open. (He cant at all but it got them thinking thier dog might get eaten !! )

    Must peeve the non dog people in the neighbourhood of big time.

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    That sucks. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this.

    Personally I would do the letter drop and if there is no outcome, report them to the council re: registration and the RSPCA. Our local RSPCA standards are very low here (if it has food, water, medical attention if needed and shelter you can keep them in a 3 x 3m enclosure for the rest of their lives with no walks or interactions - I found that out from reporting a neighbour a few years back) so whether they do anything, who knows but a visit might be what they need for a wake up call hopefully.

    Yes, sadly it could end out bad but if, (from what you described they dont sound like they would replace the dogs), they get removed, they may have a slight chance at being rehomed. Slight, but better than where they are now by the sounds. I couldn't watch them go through up to another 7 or years of that, Id rather see them out of their misery poor buggers.

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    Haha sounds like the neighbour behind my place - have a huge bull mastiff, aggro as hell and barks like crazy ALL day and sometimes into the night. Sends Rebel nuts, and of course their barking feeds off one another. The Bull mastiff is probably close to 3, maybe coming on 4, and his owner does absolutely nothing to stop the barking. Sometimes they'll come out the back and yell at him, but I never see any serious training going on. It's really annoying for everyone, and I end up having to take Rebel away and tie him up until the other dog stops or nobody can concentrate. Done the letter drop - ignored. Might add the other dog ALWAYS starts it, he goes up to the back fence and barks like crazy to get Rebs annoyed..I wish they'd do some decent training with him. It's not that hard..I know there's always someone home.

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    I got my neighbour on the other side - who has a very naughty oodle pet shop special - a cow hoof for the dog.

    Doesn't seem to have made a lot of difference.

    I came in my side gate last night with my dog after our walk and set it off - but it sounded far away and muffled and I couldn't figure out where it was, so I rattled the gate again - and I worked out it was inside the house, and I also heard a muffled "shut up" and then the dog got shoved out into the back yard - where it wasn't so muffled.

    Oops. Maybe I shouldn't have rattled the gate again - but I thought it had escaped.

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