I've read somewhere that the kneeing technique is really bad for them since you can stop their heart (or do other damage, maybe to the sternum etc), I thought of trying it with rebel once but it sounded odd and I looked it up, and I learnt that.

I'm a little reluctant to try the treat idea because he is SO food motivated, like an insane amount, and he's apt to draw his own conclusions, so I don't want to risk reinforcing the barking behaviour to him. He might associate the barking with the treat, start barking, then run to the back door expecting praise when I go out to scold him.. If all else fails I will try it though. We had a new fence put up so he can't see the other dog anymore (needed to be replaced anyway), that fixed it for a while, but started again. It's so loud, he does it any time of the day (sometimes at 5am or 10pm at night), and I don't think it's defence, I think it's just male hormones taking course - the other dog can be at the front of his property, and I know because I can hear his distance, and rebel will decide to start up. ALSO, I can't bring him inside because both Bonnie and Rebel are strictly outside dogs (I mean that they live outside, occasionally they can come inside for half an hour or something, but they never sleep inside or spend any real time in the house) - and please don't ask me to bring them inside, I've had other owners on a few other forums bitch at me for it and it's just not happening, they're outside doggies.

But, having said that, when I am outside if Rebel starts up, I call out to him and he runs back submissively, Bonnie too (she just follows along, no barking from her usually), and I reward him with pats and cuddles, which he never used to respond to, but it seems like progress is soooo slow, is that natural? I might mention Rebel is also entire, with no plans to snip, so I wonder if that has an effect on it?