MY two seem to lose their minds when i get home and then if i even move the lead they go nuts, or open the door to the garage.
I cant seem to stop the madness when i come home but ive managed to sort the lead/car out quite well.
I started by picking up the lead and moving it, putting it down, at random times of the day or night, so after a while it was boring to get excited as they assumed i wasnt taking them out, granted i walk them at the same time every day out of nessecaity but certainly took the edge off. With the car i used to load them up into the car then go to the shops, and my husband would sit with them in summer with the air con on and in winter theyd have a window down slightly. Now i do this regualrly and every few times i stop at a random park so they are happy to come for a ride with maybe a surprise walk thrown in.
i always make them sit to put their collar and lead on, i had to do this about 10 times a walk to start with, as soon as they started leaping about id stand up and turn my back, they quickly leanrt, no sits = no walks
Half my problem is i love it when they get so excited, the prospect of a walk to the shops with me is so exciting and i find it pretty cool they love it so bad but then im such a softie its untrue with the dogs!