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Thread: Need help asap!!

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    Exclamation Need help asap!!

    Hi there everyone and anyone!
    I need help! Some advice and some tips.
    I have a 7 year old Shih Tzu X Poodle X Maltese, he is really aggressive towards children and babies.
    I'm pregnant with my first child, due in July.
    I need to have him sorted. He just wants to attack them, he should have been taught a long time ago but I got him when I was young and didn't train him as well as I should have.
    I have another little Maltese dog who I've trained incredibly well. He has no problem with kids or babies.
    I need help, I have no idea how to fix this problem. I'm sure over time he will get used to having a baby around but I don't want to take the risk of him jumping up and trying to attack my baby when I go outside. And I have friends with young children and a young sister, every time they come over I'm having to hide him away, he barks and goes mad and tries to knock down the door as soon as he hears their voice.

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!

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    This is way beyond a forum. You can contact a trainer and get the aggression assessed and hopefully managed.You have allowed anti social behaviour to become very ingrained, it will not change overnight and you have left this over long if you are due in July. I cannot imagine anyone here would want to counsel you on such an important issue,when children are involved, you will need expert help.
    I think you must know this.
    I feel strongly about this as my daughter was attacked by a mini dachshund at four and to this day will not choose to be near a dog voluntarily. The fact that it is smallish does not change things as far as I am concerned. Small dogs can cause nasty injuries and trauma.

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    agree with what farrview said.

    Aggression towards humans (especially children) is not something to muck around with. Call a professional in your area ASAP!
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    I don't believe that "in time he will get used to having a baby around".
    There is no doubt in my mind that he will attack your child one day unless you get help from a dog behaviourist/trainer immediately.
    Someone here might be able to recommend a professional in your area.
    Where do you live?

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    I agree with Farrview. I am 34 weeks pregnant and if it were my dog it would not be coming anywhere near my baby or any child for that matter. You really need to contact a professional and have the dog assessed. It could be something that can't be corrected with out a lot of work and you could be faced with the decision whether it is better to PTS or not. The baby is going to be pretty time consuming so you have to weight up whether you will have time to put into the dog for training as well.

    Good luck!

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    Crikey, for a minute i thought you where my mum writing this thread....except for the pregnant thing LOL..(Better not be you mum !)

    She has the exact same situation with her Shihtzu and her Maltese....butter wouldnt melt in the Malteses mouth but the Shihtzu is a natural born killer. Anyone goes near mum and you will get bitten. He's very possesive. I'd be interested to see if yours only acts like this when you are around. Might be somthing worth trying. Wont solve the problem but it might give you a idea of what your dog is thinking if it dosnt attack if your not there.
    Just a thought.

    Good luck with the dog and the pregnancy.

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    It's not the end of the world - you can train him, it's called "counter conditioning".

    You won't ever be able to leave your dogs alone with a baby - babies are vicious creatures and the first thing they try to touch (poke) is a dog's eyes, followed by poking stuff in their ears and up their noses. it does help if the dog learns to walk away from an annoying baby but once they get to crawling stage it can be hard for a dog to get away.

    So now is the time to invest in some baby gates, pens for baby or dog, crate training - all that - so you can separate them safely when you can't supervise.

    If you're in Brisbane - either of these people should be able to help, if you're not please post which big city is nearest you and we will try to recommend someone in your area.

    Jane Harper
    Dogs On Track - Home Page
    Craig Murray
    Dog School: Home

    I haven't used either of them but I've seen them recommended many times by people they have helped and by other dog trainers whose methods I respect.

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    It is a shame that you have waited till so late in your pregnancy to take some action. This dog has had 7 years for this behaviour to become firmly entrenched. Depending on what the real problem is with the dog counter conditioning can take a lot of hard work and understanding of how it works to be truly successfull. I have been down this track and the time and energy required is potentially high.

    I would agree that you need to get professional help now so that you will understand what you need to do and if you are going to be able to acheive it. The priority is the safety of your child and any other child that comes into potential contact with your dog. You may need to manage this dog to a high degree I would suspect and invest a lot of time into training.

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