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Thread: Hide and Seek game - or who is training who?

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    Default Hide and Seek game - or who is training who?

    Hi all

    I was out on the back lawn in the sun, brushing my dog, cos it's shedding season.

    And we practiced some "give" and "geddit" with the rubber brush - who started that do you reckon?

    And then she got up and ran to the far corner of the back yard and hid in the long grass, and was just peeking over the top.

    And I'm trying to figure out why she'd do that. She was having a nice brush right here.

    And then I remembered - we've been playing a fair bit of hide and seek lately - usually I start it. Cos chase the dog is a really bad idea. Hide and Seek is a good game to encourage your dog to come back to you ie it's part of recall training. usually I hide behind a bush in the garden where she can't see me and she comes running and we have a party when she catches me.

    This time - she'd gone and hid. Not quite got the point of the game - ie if she can see me, I can probably see her - hmm, finding the limits of a dog's understanding here...

    So I lie down on the lawn - so she can't see me any more. And sure enough - she pops straight up and runs over and we have a party... we were playing hide and seek and she started it. Like one dog will start a game with another. I have to be a little bit careful about who starts what or she will think she's in charge.

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    its all a bit chicken and egg with dogs isnt it at times.

    bernie will stand on his grooming stand and talk at me. This means, come brush me. I obey. I have a gorgeous looking long haired shepherd, im so mummy proud of, he gets extra cuddles and pats, IN FRONT OF THAT BITCH, to make her jealous, he's happy.

    like i say, chicken and egg.
    Ive given up trying to pretend im training them. Its so often me being used lol

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