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Thread: HELP - Separation Anxiety

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    Default HELP - Separation Anxiety

    Please help. We have recently moved into a new home and our 18 month mini foxie is driving our neighbours (and ourselves) insane. When he is outside and especially when we are at work he is constantly whimpering/barking/howling. We have had numerous letters and complaints put under our door. The vet prescribed him Valium but this is not helping. Toys do not interest him when he is outside and I have put one of those Dog Pheromone Diffusers in his kennel but it only helped for one night of peace.
    6-8 hours of constant barking/howling is pretty impressive I must say, and then we will take him for a very long run after work and he still not does even pant or get tired. I am at my wit's end and do not want to give him up but I'm a neighbour has already threatened to call the council and report him. Has anyone had to deal with a dog like this before? He was a bit of a sook at our old house but NOTHING like this

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    yikes...what a situation. My mini foxy x is a bit like this...I lock him in the house now with the indoor cat and leave the radio on for him and he's content..otherwise, like yours, he barks and howls

    Do bones interest him?

    The only other thing I can think of is the barking collar.

    Hopefully someone else here can give you some more helpful advise


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    Default oh dear

    yeah..tried the bark collars...doesnt work for him. Makes him howl even louder?! Can't keep him inside while we are at work either - we are renting so can't install a dog door.
    He has treat balls and a tonne of toys in his kennel - they do not interest him unless we are outside with him or he is inside. Haven't tried the dog bones yet .. but i doubt that would stop him howling for 8 hrs straight hehe..
    yours is the same? It can't be a mini foxie thing as my last mini foxie never peeped at all

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    I would try leaving him inside. If it's for 6-8 hours and you take him outside before you go out, he shouldn't need to go to the toilet in that time.
    With time he might get better, at the moment his surroundings are new to him, new smells etc.
    Good luck! hope someone on here has been in this situation and able to help more.

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    I don't actually have any advice here, although I have a similar situation. I have just come home with a new dog from staffy rescue and he is VERY clingy. Is very obedient though, doesn't jump up or bark a whole lot etc, he just has to be near you wherever you are in the house and he will sit quietly next to you while you do your thing. There is a dog door so he can go inside or out, although while I was at work yesterday he broke into the neighbours yard (made it back into our own yard though). The fence was almost rotting away and very easy to break anyway, but we can't just fix it overnight!

    If anyone else is reading this - is it ok to leave your dog inside during the day? Its a large 2 story house, plenty of room to move, he gets a big walk in the morning and a few walks in the evening / night. I'm presuming he would be sleeping while we are away, but is it cruel to keep them inside!??

    Any suggestions?

    We have bones, toys, kongs etc in the yard but yet he still tried to get out..


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    Hi Natalie...before i give you advice...have you had a Staffordshire as a pet before or are you familiar with the breed??...

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    I'll answer your question no i don't think it is cruel, But you will need to make the house safe for Buddy. How old is he? Where you got him from did they tell you much about him?

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    Unfortunatelly, none of the things you mentioned above will work with separation anxiety. Bark collars are cruel and most of the time don't work.

    What most probably will work is spending some quality amount of time teaching your dog that it's OK to be alone. And that's where for most people problem is - TIME. It won't happen overnight, it won't happen in a week or two. You have to teach your dog slowly, step by step by leaving home for short time starting with few minutes, and prolonging it each day and awarding it when you come back. But not coming back in if you hear your dog yelping or barking or squeeling. Your dog is under huge stress because you leave home and doesn't know how to cope. I really believe there is no other way unfortunately.

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    Are you talking about the first post by yinjury or to natalie's post

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    Sometimes 'seperation axiety' can be mistaken for 'boredom', if he is barking about 25 minutes after you leave, it would be anxiety.
    Try to keep your goodbyes and hellos low-key and not super super exciting and during the times your home try picking up your keys or bag and going to the door, but dont actually leave, your pup has probly picked up these cues and stressed himself out before your even gone.
    I'll give more suggestions later, im in a bit of a hurry!
    We get this a lot at the vet!

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