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Thread: Dog Peeing in the house at night

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    Default Dog Peeing in the house at night

    We have 3 year old Cavoodle female. She is house trained during the day however the night is a different story.

    Our back door has a dog door so she can come and go as she pleases. During the day she goes out and we have no problems. The problems arise once we all go to bed at night. Every morning the dog has peed in the loungeroom. I got rid of the carpet in the loungeroom so there is no odour, we have had new flooring laid which can be mopped and I use Urinefree so there should be no scent left. The wee's the dog does are large puddles so I don't think it is her marking territory.

    It's crossed my mind that the dog may be scared of the dark but she's happy to go outside and bark at the neighbours cat at night.

    Any idea on how to stop this or what might be the cause?

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    I had this problem with one of my girls. We had no doggie doors and they slept inside with us at night in our room on their bed. So I put a baby gate up and that way she couldn't leave the room at night to go pee in the hallway. She never peed in the bedroom so it stopped the problem immediately. But that may not be suitable to you if she sleeps elsewhere at night or you don't want her locked in for some reason.

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    I have this problem with my australian terrierxjack russell. I put him in a crate with comfy bedding that you can hose clean (it's called animate from Pet Barn). He still occasionally has an accident but I just take the crate outside and hose it down.

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    I was going to say a crate aswell.....worked a treat for my guy when he was a pup. And they are so handy to have if you ever need to confine your dog for other reasons such as recovering from surgery or when theres a baby in the house etc,etc...

    Just make sure they dont have a lot of room in the crate otherwise they will pee in it.....mine has a divider to change sizes as the dog gets bigger. Both my guys love the crate. They will go in by themselves and have a nap or eat a snack in there. Its like thier comfort zone now. If you try a crate just introduce it slowly but surely. You'll still probably need to get up for the first week or so and let the dog out for a toilet break.

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    Habit, plain and simple. She simply thinks this is the way to do it. If you can block access from the living room at night that is a good way to go, conversely a dog crate that is just big enough for her to sleep in.

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    Well I've changed her routine. I now feed her in the morning and then at night I take her water away from her an hour before bed. Then just before bed we take her outside for a pee mind you she still won't pee at that time. I got a crate and she gets put in the crate for bed. First thing in the morning we take her out and she pee's. She has not peed in the house since we started this, she has woken us up twice about 5.30am because she needed to go out and that's all.

    I only wish we had crated her earlier, it's working so well! Thank you everyone!

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