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Thread: Proud moment!

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    Default Proud moment!

    So i live on a small farm, 30 acres. The road that i live on is very dangerous, we've lost many cats and even cattle on that road. Dodge gets the full run of the property, she never tries to go onto the road, i completely trust her. Koda on the other hand, i dont trust him with the road at all, hence the reason that he is only allowed to run unsupervised in the backyard (which is quite big anyway)
    But today, someone left the gate to the backyard open (thinking that Koda wasn't in the backyard at the time) of course Koda went exploring Koda's never had the most amazing recall...
    He was wandering loose for quite a while, with full access to the road and no one knew the whole time
    I went outside to feed him, only to find that he was gone! I of course panicked knowing that he could go on the road! I called for him once... literally just once... and he came running straight to me! i have no idea where he was... the point is that he came straight away after ONE call!!!
    I'm so proud of him for coming to me straight away!

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    It's always a nice surprise when your pup does something you weren't really expecting to be successful. I'm glad he didn't run into any trouble on the road!

    One thing I've always tried to reinforce with Dex is that he doesn't go through any doorways/gates etc unless I tell him he can. Sometimes he forgets and runs through the door to go inside, but he's pretty good with the front gate, and the once or twice he's wandered out without getting the ok, he's come back when asked.

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    I'm so glad for you, what a relief I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have one of mine hit by a car.
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    I love those moments! Wished they happened a little more frequantly though lol
    Glad he didnt decide to explore the road.
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    Oh my gosh! I would have had a heart attack! Im so glad that he came back, and after just one call! Good boy Koda!

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