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Thread: Jumping Great Dane!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nattylou View Post
    Can she put a gate (like a baby gate if that would be enough) at the bottom of the stairs and try Beloz's suggestion?

    Or does an old fashioned water spray bottle or water pistol help to distract/dissuade her?
    No the stairs are probably 3 meters accross... so she couldnt really do that :/

    i'll suggest for her to also try squirting her with water, sounds like a good option to me

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    Hi Maddogdoge,

    I own a mastiff x dane. I'm not a trainer (far from it) but I think Beloz and nattylou are on the money.

    I used a combination of the following;

    - Command him to sit whenever I greeted him coming home or when he got excited.
    - When he looked to jump at me I would turn my back to him. The reason being is that he would only jump face to face.

    I found that pushing/kneeing only became part of the fun for Nelson...



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    When she gets down the stairs throw food on the ground and encourage the dog to take it. THe dog can get its excitement out on sniffing for super lovely smelly treats instead of jumping on the owners. If the dog runs at them again, just side step and throw more food in front of the dog. Tiny, stinky pieces, pinky fingernail sized like cheese, kabana, raw meat etc. The dog will learn staying on the ground is more rewarding then jumping at the owners.

    In general they need to do more obedience with the dog, you cannot outmuscle a dog that big and logically, they should have started when the dog was a managable size.

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