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    Just joined this site and hoping to get some useful tips on training my 14 week old puppy.
    Billy is a Lab x, not 100% sure what he is cross with. He is a beautiful boy, with a great temperament. Billy understands a few commands,"sit" "come" and sometimes "leave it". However Billy does not tend to listen if we are not at home or if he is with our other dog 12 year old Retriever.
    I always use food treats and never give him any unless he has earned it. Billy sleeps inside of a night on his own bed, he doesnt wee, poo or chew anything during the night which is great. Billy is quite calm for a puppy and seems to really listen and want to please me when its just us, but when other people are around he ignores me. He doesnt jump, lick or anything like that at me but will other peolple. Its very frustrating... Any tips on how i can make him listen and behave around other people? Cheers

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    Hi and welcome.He sounds like a lovely pup. If you put puppy training in the search box you will have oodles of information to look through. There is a training thread on the forum also.It sounds like you are doing a great job, they all get distracted by excitement and other people.

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