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Thread: Help don't won't walk!

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    Exclamation Help don't won't walk!

    Hey so we rescued a Kelpie x Border collie from the RSPCA last march and she settled in after awhile but when we try to walk her she goes about 1 house away and then stops and no matter how much we pull she won't go

    NOW every time i search on the internet my dog won't walk its always the same thing do they like the lead, do they chew it and its not the lead SHE LOVES THE LEAD! as soon as you pull it out shes bouncing and running to the front door waiting to go.

    but she still won't walk far

    we know she walks better with another dog but not sure if we have the time for another dog

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you

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    Hi 'Emily Mckeown' and to the forum !

    Some questions for you – just to get some more information from you about your pup.

    How old is your pup ?

    Did she come with this behaviour or is it a recent behaviour ?

    Has something happened to her to give her a fright or scare her while she has been on the leash outside the yard ?

    Will she walk around the backyard happily on leash ?

    Is it one house either way from your place or is it in just one direction ?

    What sort of collar do you use and do you use any treats while she is on leash ?

    There could be a lot of reasons why she is doing this. The best way to sort out what is going on, is to try and work out why ! Hence the questions !

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    Shes 3 years old, and no she used to walk fine but it seems after she got scared by a guy walking near her and a garbage truck that she stoped.
    now we know shes not good with guys and that could be the reason but shes much better around guys now but still hasn't changed anything, and yes shes happy to walk around the backyard on her leash and there are houses both sides of use. We use a harness now to stop her choking herself when she wants to go home

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    OK - she has had a couple of things that have frightened her. So that is the area you need to concentrate on to build up her confidence again.

    Some links that may be helpful for you:

    This one – is a really good read and will cover all the areas you need to look at for helping your pup.
    TOT – Triangle of Temptation
    NILIF – Nothing in Life is Free
    Behavioural Interrupter
    Dog Behaviour Articles | Steve Courtney Dog Training

    Kikopup - makes things look so easy – so have a good look around her website.
    kikopup - YouTube

    These next ones are also excellent:
    Leslie McDevitt: Control Unleashed�: Home Page and Patricia McConnell PH.D. | McConnell Publishing Inc.

    Hope this is of some help for you !

    Good Luck !

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    Maybe next time you go walking take some delicious treats (BBQ chicken or something similar) and use treats to encourage her to walk further?.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Also have a look at 'LAT' training from the following link:

    CU McDevitt Dogs Demo in a field - YouTube

    Remember also - that how you react to things will also affect how your pup will react. So if you are full of confidence and have everything under control - then your pup will tend to be not so nervous and not feel that she has to make any decisions !

    Good Luck !

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    Any updates?

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    Hi, I am only a dog walker (not a trainer) .. and there are some excellent links put up by senior members already.

    IMHO ... and being prepared to be shouted down .. I have walked several dogs that have a high anxiety to start with. I am walking these on lead in off lead parks. Their anxiety is not incredibly high, but you can tell its there.

    I have found that a pack of dogs playing around the scared/ anxious dog, relieves the dog (as long as they are social dogs and not picking on the leaded dog) and that a few walks into this, the anxious dog usually relaxes and can eventually be allowed off lead.

    That sounds like an over simplification, and it is, and it wont work for all dogs, but i find lots of exercise and being around social dogs makes a hell of a difference for many anxious new members of my pack.

    One other thing I have done that might help, is that I had a clients dog that had the same issue as you did, though their dog was a smaller corgi cross. It would pitch it heels into the ground and keep looking around to going back. I found that its own house and territory were obviously a big security blanket, but by varying my walk route away from the house, and having plenty of other things for the dog to concentrate on (like loud birds in the trees and dogs behind fences) it eventually forgot why it was scared. It seemed that it would resist up to a certain distance from home, then abandon the idea. Alternatively driving a distance away from your house so that it doesn't feel the need to get back to it can help ..

    Every dog is different, and I am not a trainer, but these are just some of the things that helped in my situation, best of luck with turning your dog around ..
    Bruce is a "dog walker in inner west Melbourne" & sells "Healthy Dog treats." My dog Archie approves of these things.

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