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Thread: Has Benji accomplish Trieball with his soccer skills???

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    Post Has Benji accomplish Trieball with his soccer skills???

    Hi all

    I am 2 yrs old Westie whom enjoys playing soccer as my favorite past time hobby with good ball co-ordination skills include dribbling, nosing the ball, etc..

    Attach Link: Westie Benji Playing Soccer - YouTube
    Westie Benji Playing Soccer - YouTube

    I am an inquisitive learner and my mummy (Ainsley) is running out of things to teach me yet at last year 2012 Pet Expo in Melbourne intro Triebball. We would like to hear from owners and doggies trainers on how to teach Benji Triebball with his soccer skills also ideas on teaching new life skills or fun things. Has Benji accomplish Triebball whilst Playing Soccer??

    Thanks for your assistance

    cheerios Benji

    PS Does anyone know any classes close to Camberwell or Hawthorn area (Melbourne)??

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    Hi 'westie0211' - Benji is looking pretty good with moving the ball around - you just need to start using and training commands for him to do what you you want him to do - and him not just playing with the ball !

    Have a look at this thread that 'Bernie' started a while ago.

    As far as Melbourne - you will have to wait for others to come on here to answer that - or ask 'Mr Google' !

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    Very cute, makes me tired just watching.
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