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    Hi there,

    We have decided to take the plunge and get another dog, after a long break. I have never owned a dog but my wife has a fair bit of experience with them in the past, having owned a number of breeds.

    We are now into our second day with our dog, which is 16 months old, and appears to have had little training. She is a large dog, and has never been indoors in her life, but so far has adapted well to it, not soiling indoors but going outside instead.

    We are unsure as to what to expect as she goes forward in her time at home. At the moment she is comfortable around us, and will lay with us for periods of time. However it is easy to disturb her and she will start pacing around the house and outside. She will not come to us when called by her name either. Is this normal, or is there an issue.

    I understand that she is in a new home, and maybe the solution is patience. She is a really nice dog and we look forward to having her for a significant period of time. I think if she was able to come to us on command then the rest of the training will be much easier.

    Can anybody shed any light on this or advise of their own experiences


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    Give her about 6 weeks before you see her true nature. Just take things quietly - don't overwhelm her and just let it be.

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    Congratulations on the new dog! As for not coming when you call her name, she may not realise that you want her to come when you call, especially if she has had little training. Also it is only her second day, and she is still getting used to you. Paitence, paitence and paitence with be the key. If she will accept a leash, you can use this to gain a bit of control when training.
    Try some basic 'Sit' training to start off with, our pup managed to pick that up fairly quickly, and we're now able to move onto more complicated commands.
    There are a few good websites which give training techniques, good luck and remember to keep sessions positive, and not longer than 10 minutes.

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    Hi Graham

    Congratulations.Sounds like your new pooch is doing quite well already.

    My advice is not to rush things. It's only been a couple of days. Everything so new to her. Give her time to realize that this is her new home, give yourselves time to bond, spend as much time together as you can and don't rush in to training etc, give it a few weeks.
    I adopted my Lola 6 months ago. She was 4 months old and scared of everything, I did all the above with her, avoided loud noises, gave lots of affection, lots of praise.
    It took a few weeks before she would respond to her name or come when called. Sounds like you have a smart girl there, and with time she'll do all the things you want her to.
    For now though it's all about love,love,love....
    Would love to see some photos

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    Hi there Graham.
    When your dog gets up and paces, does he look like he is in a trance? Kirby, the Golden Retriever does the same thing when he is with me. Not so much at my home but when I take him to the park. If he gets frightened (hears another dog barking), he takes off, looking lost and will not come back if called. Once I put him back on the leash (when I manage to catch him), he is fine. It could be anxiety. Your dog has a lot to be anxious about at the moment being in a new environment so give him time to settle and feel safe.

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