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Thread: What tricks does your dog know?

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    Pohm can now growl on command. We shaped this behaviour from her 'hi MUM! welcome back' growl. Which is vastly different to her "get out" growl she does if people dare to walk past our property. All from laying down mind you, cant exert too much energy! Mastiff's eh?

    Bernie's new trick is to carry keys. He doesnt like carrying keys in his mouth. But he does it anyway for me. How cute. This is one of a range of new tricks he's learning to exercise his mind, whilst he cant exercise his legs right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairy_Poppins View Post
    Haha some of these tricks are awesome! has anyone taught their dog to 'hide'? As in, put a paw over their eye like they're embarrassed for you? I want to teach it to my Pom so she can express what all of us are thinking when my dad tells his dad jokes. Haha.
    I tried to teach her using the suggestion of blowing in her face... do *NOT* try this, she thought it was excellent fun, she had a great time lunging at me and trying to bite my nose.
    Another suggestion was to spray water in your dog's face but I don't know about that...
    I want her to *want* to do the trick and I'd rather not spray her in the face. I don't think I'd like that much. Any suggestions? If you taught this trick to your pup, let me know which method you had the most success with!
    Yes I have taught my dog to cover her eyes with her paw (as in act embarassed) to teach this it is easier to start off with your dog lying down. I used a post it note or sticky tape to get her to try and paw it off and then click and treat when the paw is on her nose. If you don't have a clicker just say yes or some other marker. Alternatively you can use a head halter/collar (the ones with the thing that goes over the nose) if you put them on dogs usually try and paw them off just click and treat when this happens. Eventually put the cue word in. Easy as. The head halter worked much better for my dog I couldn't get her to hide her face whilst she was sitting with the sticky tape. Hope this helps

    Don't spray your dogs face with water! That would be a negative reinforcer, a lot of people use spraying water to a dogs face to stop behaviors (regardless if the dog likes water or not) it is something to do with the shock of getting sprayed.

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    Frosty tricks

    My favs are

    Sit Pretty (what CarmenR's dog is doing in the pic) - it was hard for her to build the muscles up for this one.

    Weigh the dog (four paws on a towel folded on top of the bathroom scales) ooh fat dog. It's not on cue, I just put the scales and towel down and she gets on.

    we're working on an ear flick (eg marking (click or yes) when she flicks her right ear.

    and We're working on singing. Cos that's fun.

    Fun stuff for kids
    leg weaves, hand shakes, high fives, "what you say" (speak), pretty, roll over.

    Fun stuff for me
    heel - backwards, and backwards circle heelworks. Still haven't figured out how to get her to do a backwards circle around me if I'm not circling. And a DWD move we sort of have, is "banana peel" where we heel forward and then both spin in a circle away from each other and back to the heel position.

    There's more but those are my favs. Not as many as CarmenR's list tho.

    CarmenR - if you run out of ideas - Susan Garrett has a couple of lists on her dog blog.
    Idea List for Shaping | Susan Garrett's Dog Training Blog

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    Circling around you backwards! that is a good one, Luna has terrible rear end awareness so we are working on that currently with going up stairs backwards. Circling backwards I'll have to try. Did you just try to lure her around you backwards?

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    Hi CarmenR

    I can get her to circle with me backwards, I got her to heel backwards by working the "re inforcement zone" ie rewarding her for being next to me... and teaching her back up - separately - by tossing treats between her front paws if she took a step back... some people do this in narrow passage ways - so the dog can't swing out, I just don't reward the swing out if I'm asking for a straight back up.

    I can't get her to circle around me backwards while I stand still. Forwards is pretty easy - she does that anyway. But I see heaps of it in the doggy dancing videos (Dances with dogs, DWD).

    skuse the stupid ads at the front... google Mary Ray DWD
    Mary Ray at CRUFTS 2011 - YouTube

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