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Thread: On the hunt for a great Melbourne puppy trainer - our pup comes home in 4 weeks!

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    Default On the hunt for a great Melbourne puppy trainer - our pup comes home in 4 weeks!

    Hi everyone!

    Last week we just purchased our new puppy. A little pug x toy poodle who we've called Lumen. She'll be coming home with us in early Feb, and I've been checking out puppy pre-schools, however I've heard that one on one training is usually more effective.

    I'm wondering if anyone can recommend some trainers in Melbourne (we'll be living in Fitzroy), who are reasonably priced? Lumen will be spending a lot of time at my office (she'll be an office dog), so it's important that she is well trained and doesn't cause people lots of headaches.

    I've been looking at crate training, and that seems like a good place to start - anyway! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated and feel free to recommend yourself too.


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    Congrats on your new puppy. We have a couple of Melbourne based trainers on the forum, The Pawfectionist and Nehkbit. They both may be able to help you

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    There are MANY trainers in Melbourne. I guess it just depends on your disposable income and the type of training you want to do with your puppy. Some of us are pretty flexible and work with what you're comfortable with, while others are a little more narrow in their mindset, sticking to only ONE type of training being the ONLY way.

    Are you thinking of going to classes or having one-on-one sessions?

    I've done a few one-on-one session with puppy owners and then depending on what they are after, I recommend a company or club that may suit them. At least in a one-on-one session with a pup you can ask all those important puppy questions and get help with in home "troubles" you may begin having with your pup.

    And we can definitely help you with crate training That will help you with toilet training too.

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    Hi ‘Shonnie Bee’ – how exciting for you and I am really pleased it is a girl this time that you will be getting and not the boy that you wrote about before !

    So - not getting the pup until early February – well – heaps of time to do some more reading !

    Some of my favourites:

    Heaps of really useful information here – so please have a really good look around this site:
    Ch 1: Before You Get Your Puppy | Dog Star Daily

    This one below is from this forum and looks at what a pup goes through at different ages. Definitely don’t look at it to excuse bad behaviour – but to understand what your pup is going through at her different ages..

    This next one – is a really good read and will cover all the areas you need to look at for training your pup.
    TOT – Triangle of Temptation
    NILIF – Nothing in Life is Free
    Behavioural Interrupter
    Dog Behaviour Articles | Steve Courtney Dog Training

    Kikopup - makes things look so easy – so have a good look around her website.
    kikopup - YouTube

    This next one is also excellent:
    Patricia McConnell : Leslie McDevitt: Control Unleashed�: Home Page and Patricia McConnell PH.D. | McConnell Publishing Inc.

    As far as ‘One on One’ training is concerned – I would not be wasting my time nor money looking at that at this stage - the best ‘One on One’ training I know of is you the owner being ‘one’ of the ones and your pup being the other ‘one’.

    Please remember, that your pup when you get her at eight weeks, will have the attention span of an gnat at this age. She will be either full on or flat out sleeping ! So don’t expect too much and any training is very short and often.

    My focus at this stage – if this was me - would be finding a really good highly recommended puppy pre-school and vet.

    Wishing you very happy puppy times from early February !

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    By all means go to puppy pre-schools and I would suggest that when your pup is 4 mths old you join your local All Breeds Club. It will be great for the both of you especially for socialization and is a hell of a lot cheaper too.
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    Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I read a quick puppy training book tonight, and now I can go through all those links as well. Thanks so much for that RileyJ.

    And I'll look for a Puppy Pre-school too. I read somewhere that they weren't good for puppies and one on one trainer was best, but if you guys think Puppy Pre-School is the way to go, we can start with that and then try a one on one trainer a bit later on.

    We're excited about our new (Very healthy) pup as well. After getting feedback from a number of people about the boy pup with the limp in his leg, we thought it might be best that we let him go. Funnily enough I asked for a sign that I'd done the right thing, and the next day I stumbled across another litter of Pug x Poodles. It was meant to be!

    The hardest part now is waiting till Lumen is old enough so we can pick her up! 26 days to go. Hehehe..

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    The best trainer your puppy can have is you. Read lots of books and do research and you'll be a great trainer. Read all of RileyJ's links, they are good. Training sessions are fantastic for bonding and it will really forge a strong relationship between you both.

    My advice: start training recall from day 1. Decide on what noise you will make to attract your dog's attention (whistling or clicking with your tongue works great) and then reward her when she comes to you. You could give her a tiny puppy treat or just give her lots of excited praise. Never reprimand her for not coming (no matter how frustrated you are), and never let the call sound become background noise that she can tune out. If she's not paying attention to you, stop calling her and retrieve her by hand. Never let her get away with disobedience - she either comes to you or you go to get her, those are her choices when you make the call sound. The earlier you start recall training, the more reliable she will be for the rest of her life and people will be very envious! Good recall might even save her life one day.

    Also, decide how you want her to behave when she's an adult and work towards this by instilling good habits such as waiting for your ok before going out the front door, staying out of the kitchen, etc.
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