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Thread: Join Ian Dunbar in his Australian Lecture Tour

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    Hi all, I got this email today and thought I would share, I hope it's ok - the email gives us permission to cross post, but I couldn't see in dog forums rules about not forwarding this kind of stuff. Apparently he is also doing a lecture in Perth SBDTwF. The girls and I just booked our tickets for Sydney - can't wait - I think Ian is great!

    - Permission to cross post -
    Join Ian as he brings to Australia 2 new seminars in his lecturer series.

    Sydney - 'Reliability & K9 Games' Workshop - Learn to establish baseline behaviour, quantify - response, reliability, speed & precision and this…….is just day 1

    Melbourne - 'Social Behaviour & Aggression' - Understand dominance or so called dominant behaviour and lets debunk the 'dominance myth'. Learn about the social hierarchy of development in litters and the complexity of co-operative social structure - and this is just day 1.

    Places for Dog & Handler are filling quickly at the Sydney Workshop (questionnaire attached). Spectator places are still available with the 'Early Bird Specials' closing on the 15th of Jan. We welcome all enquiries and group discounts are also available.

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    Hmmm Ian Dunbar or a law enforcement K9 seminar .... mmm tough one ...

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    I think I'll stick to our local All Breeds Training Club.
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