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    So Banjo is overall a very well behaved dog. She is calm around the house and great on walks. She has stopped wanting to jump on every human she sees. She still occasionally jumps up on the odd dog owner we meet, but she stops after one halfhearted (compared to before) try. She will even sit and stay now when I open the front door to someone.

    But there are 2 issues that I don't really know what to do with and info from other people makes me scratch my head over them.

    When we go visit people - which admittedly we don't do very often - she tries to climb on their laps and excitedly lick their faces. She's built like a tank, my Banjo, so it's hard to push her off. Now some of the people she does this to (lots of times in one night) report that she did not display this behaviour at all when they minded her at their place for a few nights. So I think she does it because I'm there, but I don't understand how I might be enforcing this behaviour at all. I usually pull her off and then praise her for sitting or standing calmly.

    The other issue is related to certain people we know. Who haven't minded Banjo. I've been told that she will jump on them and get completely out of control even when I'm not there.

    A friend said she saw her outside the shops the other day being patted by a young girl, as calm as anything. But as soon as Banjo saw this friend she went bonkers and repeatedly tried to launch herself at her and nearly took her nose off. She doesn't even try jump up on me when I come home from work. But this person and one or maybe two others, just seem to trigger this overexcited mode that I find near impossible to snap her out of. And I must add that none of these people have ever patted her when she jumped up, so that can't be it either. (In fact, if someone pats my dog or talks to her in an excited tone when she jumps or tries to climb on their lap, it becomes their problem as far as I'm concerned! And I do always warn them.)

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