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Thread: Please Help me with my baby girl

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    Default Please Help me with my baby girl

    Hello everyone,
    I have a 2 year old female english staffie. She is a very timid, anxious nervous dog. Today my wifes father was at our house and is pretty much a stranger to my girl Jess. She got nervous around him and bit him on the leg. he got a fright and jumped back she reacted and began barking and biting him until I pulled her off. I have a de sexed male english staffie and he is wonderful and wouldn't hurt a fly. He is older than her but she seems to be alpha dog and bosses him around. she was the runt of the litter. We have 3 kids and she has never snapped at them or my wife and I but she has at some of my kids friends. Please any advice on this would be so grateful. We love her so much and she is my baby girl but we can't have this continue.

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    Oh dear

    Lets tackle the easiest thing first....(people might say the problem is bigger than than the name I know ) It is just Staffordshire Bull Terrier , no English , no such breed. I stress this because so many 'bully' breeds end up lumped and it educates no-one.

    Now , to your girl.
    How long have you had her? How old is she? What training/socialising have you done with her ( if any) ?
    Is she from a breeder with papers?

    In the mean time you need to make sure she cannot reach any visitors , especially children. I would also be super careful with her around your own kids as a precaution. She seems to switch on very quickly , or snaps if that is a better way to explain. It is an emotional response. She is Fear Aggressive. Were the kids cornering her or chasing her etc?
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    we have had her since she was 6 weeks old she is now 2 years old, she isn't from a breeder. she hasn't had any training, she does go down to the dog park, as far as the kids go they weren't chasing her or anything it is just particular friends of my children that she goes for and some she must feel comfortable with.

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    I would find a trainer, a good one, very soon. You need help. Where do you live? There may someone on the forum who can recommend one near you.

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    Anxiety can be caused by the dog being confused about his role in "the pack" and them feeling they have to take matters into their own hands/paws.

    Training can help set boundaries for the dog and make her trust that you will make decisions for her and that she can look to you for help and guidance if she's not coping.

    If you haven't done any training before, it might be good to join a club. With an anxious dog I would be very careful about which one you choose though. Some training methods could do more harm than good. But if you do find the right trainer, she may improve drastically.

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    OK , as has been suggested you need to do some training with her , now.
    Look for an outside trainer as well to give you personal help if you are in anyway not confident in doing it yourself. It might be the best way to go all things given but I also know what money is like at this time of year,especially with children.

    The anxiety may have been cause through numerous factors of her growing up or it could be she was born slightly anxious and events then compounded to escelate it as she grew up.

    The one thing I want you to realise is that you are not a bad owner and you have come for help which alot of people wouldn't of done, they would of just 'unloaded' the poor girl at the pound or worse.
    So well done you!

    What is her health like?
    Have there been any changes there?
    Always good to rule that out at first.

    Also playing a role is the fact that your girl is not from a breeder so in fact chances are she is not purebred . Add to that , most Stafford breeders out there breeding in their backyards for nothing more than profit do not care what they breed from. So genetics gets overlooked here as well.

    All in all though , a 'bully' is usually the most happy go lucky,human orientated dog you could find. Like your boy for example.

    Can you remember as she was growing up any trauma/key points that might stand out to you concerning her behaviour ? Sometimes finding that 'trigger' per say can help immensley when trying to 'fix' something .

    The fact that she has gotten to the stage of biting people and especially children concerns me a great deal. It is the reason I have said be sure to keep her away where she cannot bite anyone . At this time of year its going to be difficult I know with family and friends dropping in etc....but finding help/trainers near you is also going to a little difficult at this time of year.

    So we need to keep her and the people around her safe before going any further.

    So many questions are begging for answers... this really is one for someone who can interact with you and her on a one to one basis.
    What area are you in ?
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    I am in the bay side of brisbane, She does have a condition where she has a flap of skin hanging in the back of her throat (from birth) which can give her breathing trouble. we have been saving for an operation which will fix this it is around $2000. I guess if I had this condition it would make me pretty anxious so this may be a cause. I will try and get this done in the new year but failing her learning to talk and telling me what makes her nervous this may not fix the anxiety. Can only try if nothing it will help her breathing.

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    Do you mean she has a 'soft pallette' ?
    Either way I'm glad to hear you are getting it seen to.

    I dont think that in itself would cause such extreme behavior and remember, in this breed,it is 'extreme' .
    I would hazard a guess that the certain kids she is uncomfortable with have somehow 'threatened/provoked her in some way.

    The one thing that you must be constant in is being a confident role model for her. What she see's as uncertain/dodgy behavior is straight away sending her into fear mode.

    We used to have a member post here frequently Keira and Phoenix , and whilst we didn't always see eye to eye , she is someone I think could be of help with this situation.She is also up that way.So is Lala. I'm not sure who else we have up there but hopefully someone will remind us. I have a foster carer in Brisbane but this is a bit beyond that I think.

    I will continue looking into it for you though.
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    I think the advice that echo's from all of you is she needs training. I will get this started as soon as xmas/ new year is over. In the mean time I will purchase an inclosure that I can put her in when visitors arrive at the house. Thank you all for your advice if there is any more please don't hesitate to post it as I open to any option other than giving her to the pound or worse. This is not an option for me and my family as she is a huge part of our family. Merry xmas and a happy new year to all.

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    yes soft pallette

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