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Thread: Cant give exercise properly :(

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    Default Cant give exercise properly :(

    Hello everyone I'm Jimmy I recently baught a Border Collie from someone that couldnt give her enough time due to work/family. My issue is I dont know how I can give my dog her daily walk when she just keeps pulling I have been trying to train her not to pull and walk beside me pretty much everyday without success. She follows me in the front yard but as soon as we step onto the footpath outside the house, I am invisible to her.
    I read online that I need to be consistent and don't give in with the pulling.. I have tried to but it seems like its not working at all and with all that stopping, waiting for her to be calm again every second step, its just not enough exercise for her (all the stopping it sometimes takes me almost an hour to just go down the street)and most of the time I feel that shes not getting her exercise so I end up allowing the pulling. I just don't know what to do, it has been so frustrating lately its getting the point that I've been thinking to give her to the pound (something I never thought I'll ever do) I really want to walk properly and give her plenty of exercise but with all the stopping when she pulls, it just doesn't work.

    The pulling isnt over the top like charging at something, its not too hard but I guess shes not really a big hand does hurt after a while.
    Another problem is most of the time when she sees another dog she either tries to charge at them or when she sees someone interesting she just sits and stares at them (Calling her doesnt work. I gotta pull her and even though I'm doing it gently it looks really bad since it looks like im dragging her)
    But my main problem is the 'Daily walk' I'm having trouble fulfilling due to the pulling, and border collies need LOTS of exercise

    It's killing me please help!!

    she is 11 months right now, I got her from the previous owner when she was 9 months with no training or discipline from the owners

    Also is there any good trainers that you guys have had personal experience with and could recommend, I am from Melbourne(Werribee) I havnt signed up to any yet as I'm afraid of getting one that isnt that good ( I read a couple reviews here and there) I cant really afford to spend my money on one that doesn't work

    Thanks guys


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    Hey Jimmy I am just down the highway in Geelong, I specialise in working breeds send me an email

    I can show you how to walk her as well as giving you exercises to do that can tire her out without long walks

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    Treadmill could be an option too if you have one.
    I have seen Kuro (one of Mitte's JSs) absolutely loving it and so excited when he knows he is going on it.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    My BC (10months old) is ball obsessed and I did encourage it as we can go down the beach and use a ball thrower and she is very fit. However in summer she would get over heated without available water to plop down in so may not work for you. We have a clam shell paddling pool in the back yard and she plops down in that when she is hot. I exercise very early in the morning.Periodic throwing in the back garden helps keep the edge off her energy levels. Obedience training is I would say very important ( I needed the training and learned heaps as she did). I have taught her to sit and wait before I throw the ball and this also makes catching her at the end much easier as she does go into prey drive and have difficulty calming enough to sit while I get her back on the lead.... getting much easier now.. We do lead walks in the evening ad it was difficult to teach her not charge on, so don't despair, you will get good advice here. My Maggie isn't food driven except when she is hungry before breakfast so that is our training time. I get up every morning at 5 am. My observation is she needs time without a ball for socialising ( ignores other dogs when the ball is in play) and time on the lead is fun in a different way.
    They are very smart but that means your pup has learned things to unlearn now so you are right to seek some assistance.
    Fabulous dogs and worth the effort , best of luck.

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    Thankyou Jimmy for giving this dog a lovely new home.
    I highly recommend grabbing some instruction off Nekhebit.

    Here are some suggestions for tiring out a high octane dog:

    Dont try to walk your dog for miles to tire it out, or treadmills. The dog will get fitter, and 20 mins after stopping running, its looking for something else to do, whilst your pulse is only just coming back to normal.

    Use a flirt pole. do a google, and make one out of a broom handle, and a fave toy tied to it on rope.

    Find water, and swim your dog. 10 min swim is worth a hours walk.

    Teach your dog tricks. mental stimulation is a absolute must for these and all other high prey drive dogs.

    Try clicker training, absolutely anything you wish. Try a sit clicker training.

    Use hide and go find games in the house for car keys. (useful game to teach any dog as ive found)

    Get a kids paddling pool, fill it with water and have fun

    Fill it with sand, and hide bits of treat in there

    Get a old coke bottle, fill it with stock, freeze it overnight, toss it to your dog during the day, dogs love icypoles too.

    Tie treat up in a tree if you have one, get the dog climing

    Go do some cross country cycling with your dog chasing you

    Use hose pipe. Spray dog, and watch it get the zoomies

    Get a 2nd dog to do all this activation milarky for you

    Get a baby gate. and time how long it takes the dog to 'crack the combination'.

    Do some scent work: put 3 plates on floor, only 1 has a treat underneath, dog has to indicate which one to get a treat.

    Drag a carcus of cooked chicken along the ground in back garden, leave the dogs dinner at the end of the scent trail. Dont feed the carcus to the dog though

    Hide the dogs dinner in various places around your garden. Let the dog 'find' it

    Bury a toy for it to retrieve

    Get some bubbles and blow them for your dog to chase

    and so far, only one of them requires you to leave home and these will exercise that mind the BC's are famous for!

    Oh and lastly, take photo's and post them here, we love photos of dogs!

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    Hey guys thanks for the tips, haha farrview I have difficulty getting her to sit or come when shes in prey drive.. when I do get her to come to me she will 'stalk' up to me and as soon as I make a movement she will back off and waits for the ball in stalk mode again..need to learn to untrain that :/ But I guess she needs training in all fields behavior, obedience and socialization hehe

    I'll be emailing Nekhebit
    and I'll upload some photos from my phone soon!

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    So.... Any update? Did you contact Nehkbet?

    Pulling on lead seems to be the most common problem and yet the easiest to fix.

    Please give us an update

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    I contacted her but decided that I'll get private lessons instead after I get my dog spayed within the next week or two, after the holidays. The reason why I decided to be getting private lessons is cause its more than just pulling such as getting extremely excited when she sees another dog, running at them, pulls harder when we walk past a dog barking from inside a house.
    Shes also not really obedient so that needs working on too!

    I'm temporarily using an ez-walk harness at the moment, it helps abit but still pulls through it when she wants.

    Haha I've never been so frustrated when I was trying to teach the leash pulling it just seemed impossible, still is impossible for me!..I've given up for now till I get professional help to save the frustration since I'm most likely not doing it the right way by just reading online articles :P

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    Nehkbet and I are both trainers in Melbourne that do private consults.

    Nehkbet is a lot closer to you and is good at what she does.

    Make sure you get back into contact to arrange a consult

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    definitely will

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