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Thread: How to teach my boy to use his bed

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    Default How to teach my boy to use his bed

    Hi all,
    I have a wonderful old man called Hunter (Golden Retriever 13 yrs old) who I would like to 'teach' to use his bed outside.
    He is an indoor/outdoor dog who can come and go in the house as he pleases during the day (via the doggy door). I had noticed in recent weeks that he had taken to napping under the carport on the concrete floor so I got him a trampoline bed so he would be more comfortable.
    He does not seem to have any particular objections to the bed itself (is not frightened or anything) and has climbed up on it when I bribed him with treats however I got home from work and he way laying next to it (the schmakos still laying on the bed).
    Is this a lost cause or is it still possible for him to learn to use it?

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    Hi 'kwirky',

    WoW ! Aren't you lucky having Hunter in your life. I love the oldies !

    He should be having 'Special Senior Privileges' and being able to sleep where he likes !

    Seriously - it is not too late to teach a pup new things - it just may not be comfortable for him at his age.

    I have those sorts of beds here and found that when the pups were young - they used them all the time. Now Riley uses one as a table for when he is eating his bones so that the ants don't get them.

    With the weather getting warmer, you will find that the pup enjoys sleeping on concrete/tiles in a breeze to keep cool. If you are concerned with him sleeping on the concrete, then you will have to experiment with different things to see what he will like to sleep on.

    I don't worry about it too much, because Riley likes his creature comforts and is not sleeping on concrete or tiles for too long !

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    Hi kwirky & Hunter and welcome to the forum
    It's frustrating when you spend money on something to improve your dog's life but they don't want to know about it!
    Does Hunter have a doggy blanket that he will lie on in the house! If so, try putting it on the new bed to make it familiar.
    Don't worry if he doesn't want to use the new bed, he might later when his joints start giving him grief.

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    I don't think it's much use trying to teach him. You bought it for him so he'd be more comfortable but he reckons it isn't more comfy than the concrete. So it should be his choice, I think.

    I had a wolfhound cross with sensitive bones and barely any fat on her. So she hated lying on the hard ground. I ended up buying her an inflatable dog bed. Had to order it from the US. Not expensive, but it was massive. She looooved that bed. My current dog doesn't mind lying on concrete either and chewed the valve out of the inflatable bed in the first month after I got her.

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    Oh, RileyJ. Only a GSP eats bones off a table! LOL.

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