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    Hi my gf does dog agility and is pestering me to buy her a collapsed tunnel and all of the other gear. Now the only place I've found so far that stocks any of this is airdogs which are really expensive. Or at least I think they are, $130 for a collapsed tunnel just doesn't seem very reasonable.

    Can I ask where you guys order your training gear from?

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    I made my jumps and a frame myself, but i bought my weave poles and tunnel from a cheap online store. They were very cheap, they're not the best quality but i am happy with it
    i dont quite remember the name of the site... i think i just googled "cheap dog agility weave poles"
    try doing that, you'll find something surely!
    Ebay is a good place to look too!

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    Or Agility Click - they're in QLD

    Agility Click Home

    And they don't do tunnels but they refer on to someone who does.

    I think our club collapsable tunnel is something like an old 44 gallon drum (or something slightly smaller diameter with a bit of shade cloth hanging off it. You can get the shade cloth stuff from the big hardware stores like bunnings. Not sure about the drum thing but if you have stratco or paramount browns or big metal places, they might have it.

    And you can sort of make agility tunnels from really big ducting stuff. Like air con ducts but mining grade ie for ventilating mines. Not that I've bothered.

    I made jumps out of broom stick handles and boxes - tho the boxes do tend to blow away if it's windy. A friend made some out of that white electrical pipe stuff and the connectors. Not hard.

    And there is such a thing as human agility poles.

    I tried using cane rose supports (bunnings) but as my dog got faster she smashed them to pieces.

    Note the ones with rubber base and a spike - can be a problem when you get to competition and those have metal strapping between the poles and don't flex as much - so your gf's dog may freak out when stepping on the straps and smash the poles cos they don't flex like the training poles.

    and just for you, jeracoo...
    Agility Woman - YouTube
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    You can get cheaper ($60) tunnels on line as mentioned. I have a cheap tunnel but I have big fast dogs so I ended up having to get a good quality one. So it depends on the dog.

    I make my own jumps from electric fencing posts and plumbers pipe. I have got a cheap set of weaves which was great for teaching but again my dogs now hammer through the weaves so I bought a fixed base set.

    I made my own full size dog walk, seesaw and table but the materials are not cheap, although if you have a salvage yard you could get the timber there for a lot less than new. I have to make all my equipment fairly solid because of the way my dogs run and it needs to be safe and strong.

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