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    I've never done any clicker training before and have just been watching some vids and reading some stuff online about how to do it, i think i get it but, when clicking for going to the toilet, do i click the moment he starts to pee or as soon as he's finished? My gut says don't click till he's finished because he'll stop mid-stream to get his reward but was just wondering what the forum has to say? (he's 80% toilet trained now anyway but the clicker may just help speed up that last 20%)

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    I tend to say "good dog" the moment she sticks her nose down to sniff out a good s&p spot.

    Ie the starting point is going where you want. Ie outside not inside. Or in a specific spot.

    I might click again when she's done and reward where she's at.

    But erm if click means run to mummy to get a treat, I would only say "good dog" (no treat) and hold off clicking until the dog was done (and then treat). but ideally click does not mean "run to mummy", it means - you're doing the right thing keep going and when I'm happy the job is done I will stuff a treat in your mouth.

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    During other training with the clicker your dog will soon learn that the click is not the end of an action, it simply sends the message that it's on the right path, a bit like a game of hot potato - warmer, warmer etc.

    For instance during a long sit, if I wanted to reward the dog halfway thru it's long sit/stay I'd walk back to the dog click and treat, repeat the sit/stay command and walk away again. During that time I may say good dog.

    For toilet training I'd either walk back to the dog while it's still going repeat the go to the toilet command, click and treat. If you think this may stop the dog from completing going to the toilet I'd probably just say good dog, but be close so you can click and reward soon after finishing, otherwise it may see running to you after finishing going to the toilet as that behaviour that was marked/clicked and rewarded.

    Hope I made sense.

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    I have never used a clicker and I can't see why anyone would want to use one. Imagine being a dog and someone's got a clicker and is clicking at you, I'd think what the hell is this bloke on about. If the owner says go wee wee and get a treatie, what would you do you can get them to do anything for a treatie.
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    mymatejack, I clicker trained my dog with a toilet command, after he had a good idea of what the clicker meant. The clicker marks the behaviour you want, with the promise of a treat to come. So if I say sit, he sits, I click the second his bum hits the ground, then he holds it and gets the associated treat when he gets it. My toilet training approach sounds like MAC's. I used the clicker as soon as he started going, and said “good toilet” while he was going. He never stopped midstream to come and get a treat, but we had already been using the clicker for a while, so he knew the treat was coming after the behaviour was finished. When he finished I praised with "good dog good toilet", and gave him the treat. To be honest, I didn't actually think this would work but had just learnt how to use the clicker, was all enthused, and thought it was worth a try. It worked brilliantly and he now goes (or tries to) when I say toilet. Handy for rainy nights or long car trips!

    Dogman, I agree, my dog will do anything for a treat! I found the clicker really sped up training my dog to do new things. When I got good at clicker timing, the dog understood what he was being rewarded for very quickly (<5 reps). I then combined verbal cue, click and treat for another 3-5 reps, once I am sure he gets the command I lose the clicker for that behaviour. Before I used the clicker, it took him longer to catch on to what he was being rewarded for. When I have the clicker and am clicking at him, he is never thinking "what the hell is she on about". He knows exactly what he has done that is good. Probably if I were more experienced in training dogs I would be bemused by the clicker craze too, but he's my first dog and I've found it a great tool.

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