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Thread: Getting Boof to Obey Both of Us

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    Default Getting Boof to Obey Both of Us

    Last Wednesday we picked up our new puppy, Boof (a Koolie X Rottie)

    He is 10 weeks old, and seems to be settling in really well, he cried a bit for the first night (in the laundry) which we ignored and only went to check on him once he had been quiet for a while, which of course started the crying again. Then each night (and day) since that he has cried less and less, and learnt to stay outside.

    I have spent some time teaching him to sit, which he seemed to get pretty quickly, so good so that when I try to get him to walk on a lead he will just stop, sit, and look at me expecting a treat, but we are slowly climbing that hurdle.

    Now he has only been with us for under a week and he is starting to feel more at ease with us and his new home but that has also meant that he is a bit more "puppy" like (excitable, getting into trouble). Yesterday me and DP went outside in the afternoon, had a bit of a play with him, then once he lost interest sat down at our 3 piece cafe setting, usually he would either lie down behind us and chew a bone or a toy or go for a snooze, this time he wanted to be with us. He would come up to me and try to jump up on me, I would grab him by the shoulders, push him down and once he was sitting nicely (well not trying to jump up, he can get his whole front legs over your lap, he is a big boy) I would praise him and pat him. He went over to DP and did the same, DP tried to tell him to sit, which didnt work then he tried pushing him away, each time he just came back with more energy and determination, I think he thought it was a game (I jump up, get pushed away, I jump up.....its all attention YAY) not a good mix, Boof getting more excited and DP getting more frustrated.

    Also he seems to lick and chew on DP more than he does me, being a puppy I would expect it but I want to teach him from the beginning what is acceptable and what is not, when he chews on me, usually when he is getting patted, I do the "ahh" or "no" and stop patting him and pull away from him until he is calm again, but again he sees it as a game with DP.

    I thought this was a bit strange because DP is much more of an authoritive figure than I am (I am generally fairly relaxed, easy going).

    My thoughts are to get DP to do more "sit" training with him, because for me even though Boof may be excited in the morning to see me I can usually get him to sit within a short while (a couple of excited jumps) and he doesnt get pats/rubs/cuddles until he is sitting and not jumping up.

    Also I think that maybe I go out to "check on him" more than DP does, going out and see him on his bed chewing a toy, say good boy give him a quick pat and then go back inside, or open the back door, see he is in his kennel, again say good boy and go back inside, so maybe he sees me as being "around" a bit more and there fore not so exciting.

    Any advice would be appreciated

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    Hi Vanessa,
    I remember your post before Boof came home
    He's a cutie!
    I think just give him time...keep doing what you're doing and see if he improves with time. Everything's so new to him, he might listen more once he's comfortable and relaxed and starts to bond with you both. It all takes time. Maybe he's spending too much time on his own outside, therefore gets overexcited when you're outside...

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    this is the same with my puppy. listens to me more then my partner.

    i have been told they will only have one main master. this is obviously you as it is me to my pup.

    try getting your partner to work with your dog and give him his food and treats without you there.

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