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    Our girls are trained with the command "wait" I say it before I open the door or when their dinner is put down..they stand still like a statue waiting to hear he command "good girls" that means go ahead come in or eat
    Even if I have a treat I can balance it on thir head they hold that still lol it's cute

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    I use "drop", too. I decided to therefore use "tah" for dropping something or giving something to me. And get down for if he wants to jump up for a kiss (or goes for the ol' dog mount)

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    Sit - for Sit.
    Drop - for Drop with hand signal and treatie.
    Stand - dog to stand with hand signal.
    Stay - for dog in drop or sit position.
    Heel - for walking from sit poistion.
    Down - to get off the lounge when dog is sitting in my spot.
    Go wee wee - no explanation needed.
    In to bed - no explanation needed.
    No naughty girl - no explanation needed.
    Chloe & Zorro
    Rottweilers and German Shepherds are Family

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    I've had the same problem as Beloz. The most annoying person who stuffs up Charlie's knowledge of down is the neighbour (shh! don't tell them that!). She comes over sometimes and when Charlie jumps up she pets him! Way to reinforce the bad. Anyway, so there she is rubbing his neck but she stops one Charlie reaches the ground. So to the dog it's:
    Come up here and I'll pet you cause that's what good doggies do
    That's not good because Charlie is extremely touch motivated. I didn't even need to use treats to teach him to down.
    One of the dogs here called Dash lies down with the command STOP
    Try drop as well.
    And for those people who like substituting normal commands for nonsense try "hug the ground".
    Good Luck :P

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    Our words in this family, have been a work in progress, over decades and many dogs.
    "out" was my first choice for give that ball to me now.
    then i became a multi rottie owner, and i used the work "ouch" way too much in building up prey drive. So, i changed to give.

    end result
    drop = lay down
    give = spit it in my hand
    off = sofas/bitches/other people's ute trailers etc

    all commands are taught without cue first, then i add the verbal cue, then lastly, the hand signal.
    I need hand signals as i cant shout over long distance.

    I have used a whistle instead of hand signals too in past. But no longer.

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    I mostly use lie down, when the pup or dog needs to lie down. Then I like to reward them with a treat.

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