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Thread: Good behavioral / trainers in Brisbane area

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    Default Good behavioral / trainers in Brisbane area

    As mentioned in previous threads, we have a little dog who lost his pack leader about three weeks ago. He has started to develop separation anxiety, but it has been getting alittle better.
    He isn't destructive, just cries and howls when we are not home , and just recently has started to howl a little early in the mornings.

    My question should I look into getting a trainer or behavior person in for a couple of hours? And if so, can anyone recommend anyone in the Brisbane area

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    Hi 'Samboss260',

    Two behaviourist/dog trainers I would suggest are:

    1 Jane Harper at Dogs On Track - Home Page


    2 Craig Murray at Dog School The home of Dog training in Australia: Home

    Both are excellent and have very good reputations.

    Hope this helps !

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    What Riley said.

    I've seen those two recommended more than once - especially Jane - for the Brisbane area. If they're not available ask them to suggest someone they think can help.

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