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    hi everyone,

    I was just wondering if anyone has heard of or used MNK9 for their dog training and what the general consensus is about them. I just put my dog in with them at narangba for a few weeks as I am overseas and my partner was finding him very difficult to deal with.

    and reviews of info would be appreciated.

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    No idea and I find it strange that there doesn't seem to be anything to be found online, as it sounds like they've been around for quite a while.

    Does your partner get to visit the dog? I'll be very interested to hear how your dog goes there and if your partner will manage to enforce what they've learnt when they come home.
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    Yeah I was recommended by a pet shop and a friend i met at the dog park who took their german shepherd there. because the dog failed the final test (when you go there to pick them up they do a demonstration for you), they got the training for free which was about $600 for 2wks.

    Im not sure if she will get to see the first dog when she drops the second one off but I hope she does. I was only going to put the second in for a week but i think they would both be going through a bit of separation anxiety ATM so im hoping both of them being their together may help a bit.

    I will be back to pick both of them up but i did see the german shepherd at the dog park and it was very good, especially for one that technically didnt pass. Apparently when you pick you dog up they spend time teaching you how to adapt to the animal and understand the training rather than you just going back to your old method. Im just hoping the animals are treated well there and not bastardised is my biggest concern i guess.

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    the animals are treated well there and not bastardised is my biggest concern i guess
    I think the trouble is - you don't get to see what they do - for me HUGE RED FLAG. And you don't get the same amount of training as your dog does so if you make mistakes or have new problems - you don't know how to fix those.

    It probably depends what kind of aversives (things your dog doesn't like) for corrections, and how much rewards (things your dog likes) in their training. I prefer methods where more rewards are used and the main aversive is not getting a reward. Otherwise there is risk of fall out and ending up with a wrecked and traumatised dog.

    This particular group - the video looks ok. Seems to be connected with a trainer called G a r y Ja ck s. o. n. The only thing I don't like is he uses the check chain collar - which is very bad in the hands of most beginners. You're better off with a flat collar or a limited slip aka martingale. Check chains are only effective when the dog is on your left by your left knee - as soon as the dog gets out in front of you - it's a choke chain and the dog will learn to ignore it because it can't be released - ie the reward comes from releasing the pressure on the check chain and if you never release - it's pointless or damaging to use it.

    But he advocates no hitting and no yelling which is a good start and the video shows lots of pats and praise and treat rewards.

    As best I can tell from the linked dog training site - they don't do send away boarding / training. The training is with the dog's owner.

    You might want to check out this list. And you can email Steve and ask him if he would be happy to send customers there.
    How to Choose a Dog Trainer | Steve Courtney Dog Training

    If the petshop you're talking about sells puppies and kittens - I'd find a new pet supplies shop and not take their word on anything.

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