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Thread: 11 Month old Labrador chewing everything in sight. Need new toys ideas.

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    Default 11 Month old Labrador chewing everything in sight. Need new toys ideas.

    Just looking for new idea to keep his mind busy.
    Cooper is 11 months desexed lab. He is smart very obedient.But chews everything he can get his teeth onto. We have put food in Kongs and in tyres sticking them as best as possible to keep in longer which he plays with for hours but the minent food is not there he will chew other things, like the pipe to our hot water system or posts on fence.

    He is exercised every day and has a cavalier for company. They are fed twice day plus whatever is stuffed into kongs and other toys, as well as bones 3 times a week.

    I know this phase will pass but for the sake of not having another plumbing bill need new ideas to keep him going.

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    I recommend cured cow hooves, they peel away a tiny bit at a time, keeping the most chewy dogs chewing on them for longer - and of course they're really smelly so they're always a favorite. The average cured cow hoof will last for days, even when it's constantly being worried at. If he stays interested in his food until it's gone, these will really keep him focused because they last longer than any other dog chew I've seen.

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    Some dogs like plastic bottles with treats in them. My dog likes her treat ball and the Kong wobbler which I now just put her kibble in. She also always has a rawhide bone and a cow's hoof available. Though she tends to bury the hooves. Found one the other day when we dug the flowerbed.

    Other than that I cannot really think of much. He will grow out of it eventually. I also let my dog have access to the house in the hope that she will feel less "abandoned" but I don't know if it makes any difference to the chewing. I found plenty of things chewed that she got from INside the house when she went through adolescence! Now, hardly anything. She's almost 2 now. She will still carry shoes and similar outside, but doesn't chew them.

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    Boat rollers may be an option

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    get yourself some Crib Stop in a can and paint it on what you dont want him to eat. Its now a habit that has to be broken.

    Also make it harder to get to his food, freeze the kong and I wouldnt be feeding him effective 3-4 times a day. Meals in food toys, have a few hard ones for him and that will keep him occupied.

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    definately make food harder to get. That food that you have frozen in the Kong, now go bury it in the garden.
    Get some old cola plastic bottles, fill them with stock, and freeze em.
    Get a bone and tie it into a tree.
    sprinkle kibble on the ground
    Buy a massive, bone, let it rot. then toss it and dog into garden and lock the door fast. Dont let the dog in for 72hrs till the methane build up has passed and you're over your dog rage.
    Keep up the endlessly required supply of safer chew alternatives.

    It does pass.

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